Where have you been all my life? Scrublet / Facial Massage Pads

The other day I asked you to Guess what it is...well here it is (most of you guessed it!)…

Its a Scrublet/Massage Pad!

blackhead nose scrub.jpg

I bought two of these (it makes it easier to use – rub them both together to foam up and makes the cleansing process quicker).

Here is the pad itself. Its shaped with a point for the pesky bits like the corner of the nose and has a handle at the back:

blackhead nose scrub-1.jpg

The handle on this scrublet is very poor. Its floppy so when your hands are wet and soapy, it has no change gripping on. Such a disappointment there.

(I have since found a pink one which has a firm handle on the back – very important kids, make sure yours has a firm handle, makes a big difference to how comfortable it is to use).

blackhead nose scrubber-1.jpg

The surface of the pad itself is a very soft rubber. Even so you should only scrub with a very very light hand – its easy to get carried away and end up with red, raw skin (like me!)…

I’ve tried different scrublets now and this one is ok – not too rough….

blackhead scrubber.jpg

Here it is in my hand. Once again this one is made of very floppy rubber meaning its a pain to use when wet and soapy.

A firmer textured base and handle make a better scrubber! This one is so floppy that you have to work quite hard to press it against the skin.

blackhead scrub.jpg

The photograph that had you all perplexed!:

blackhead nose scrubber.jpg


I am sort of in love with this product at the moment (well, not this one, but the pink version I bought with the firm handle). I have been using it every other day with an Apple scented AHA infused scrub and its soooo good.

Also very good for blackheads and blemishes!

Buy this from eBay – it was only about £1.50 each including shipping, but once again, find a different version, this particular one is a bit crappy.

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  1. Ashley says

    I have this one too but I’m not a fan of it. It’s too rubbery for my liking & grips onto my face to the point I can’t massage it around! And.. it’s very floppy as you mentioned :(

  2. Gwen says

    I have this and have been using it regularly for almost a year but I didn’t think of it at all when I saw your teaser pic.Things look so different up-close!!

  3. says

    haha the one time i didnt post what i thought it was , and i was right lol

    where did you get your better one from?…ive seen some scrublets and yeah all far to floppy!

  4. Ann says

    Search ebay for blackhead remover to find these. Searching for scrublet will find exactly nothing, except maybe some L’Oreal cleansers. But regarding the firm handle – some of the items on ebay say you’re supposed to thread two fingers through that look on the end, and I bet your grip will be more secure then? Well, unless the loop is too small for western fingers? The ones with a more secure grip are more expensive than the one shown here, which is really cheap. The other one also has longer “bristles”. I haven’t seen any of them in person, just thought I would share my findings.