When I became a vegan: Chris James Mind & Body Cleanse Review

I’ve tried a number of unusual detoxes and diets in my time so when I heard about the Chris James Mind & Body Cleanse I was very interested to give it a go.

Bit of background; the Mind & Body Cleanse is a 12 day system, split into 4 phases which will help you detox your system. Each segment is only around 3 days long so that it’s not too much of a slog, and you get a number of supplements to help.

Chris James Mind & Body Cleanse

There is a lot of information about the cleanse on the official website but it’s basically a way of giving your insides a break from all the processed food, alcohol, caffeine, preservatives and so on that we consume. As well as this benefit, it can help you lose weight and improve your general health an you should notice better skin, sparkling eyes etc.

Essentially the food consumed over the 12 days is vegan, and alkaline (a lot of the processed foods we eat is acidic).

How did I do?Well, more on the results, later!

Here is the kit you get. In each tub is a high quality supplement. You do not want to lose the booklet that comes with this because there’a handy guide on the back which tells you when to have which supplement.

There are a lot of supplements to take. If you hate taking them you might struggle here. I am ok with them as long as I don’t get side effects.

The tablets are not particularly small and they do smell quite strong! I guess that’s because they are potent. My least favourite one was the Vitamin C, of all things, it had the worst smell. You also get a bottle of flaxseed oil to take.

Chris James Mind & Body Cleanse

Day 1-3: The Preparation Phase

This is the straightforward phase, just cutting out the foods from the NO list. No dairy, no milk, no processed food, no coffee or tea. Its so funny to think that this is the total opposite of the Dukan diet which is all meat and dairy, but then again, that isn’t a detox.

I found this phase easy enough. I cooked the chilli’s and ate a lot of sweet potato (that’s allowed!) but what I missed so much was coffee, my beloved sweet nectar.

Supplements are a bit big, but nothing major. Tummy feels emptier, and toilet habits are, er, regular.

Cat Yoga

Day 4-6: The Pre-Purfication Phase

The diet changes slightly now as I have to eat more raw food (yak) and take the flaxssed oil. The supplement intake goes up to 8 a day. I feel fine to be honest because I like lentil type things anyway but the mother is following me around with a chocolate cake and saying “Are you sure? are you sure?”

I purchase a book called The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone, recommended to me by Rebecca at Le Salon De Beaute. It’s a brilliant book, so inspiring, not preachy, but really made me think about cutting out or at least cutting down on meat and most definitely leaving out dairy for good.

Cat Yoga

Day 7-9: The Power Phase

This is the hard bit as now, it’s all raw juices – 6x 300ml glasses per day. Actually I knew I could do this because I find juices really filling, although there was the issue of MESS and more MESS in the kitchen. Take it from me, don’t buy the Argos Value juicer, it’ll make you pay.

The best time to do this phase is the weekend or when you aren’t committed to anything else so you can focus on it. I may have eaten the odd piece of fruit or something during this time but overall, it was ok. During this time you feel very ’empty’ and the Supercleanse which contains Psyillum Husk keeps you feeling full. Sort of.

You are supposed to go for a colonic irrigation if you can in this phase. I looked around for a few places near me that did it but then it never did, erm, materialise.

You need to really plan for this phase and get your bits and pieces together or be like me and go to the juice bar and spend a fortune. Hey…I got a free straw!

Chris James Mind & Body Cleanse

Days 10-12

Back to eating now, but eating well! This is the phase where you can easy food like fruit, veg and salad back into your routine.There’s still 11 supplements to take a day and probiotic power and flaxseed oil which is not becoming a real chore – but it’s nearly over!


After the mind and body cleanse I have to say I feel like my insides are working much better, my tummy feels calm (I used to get a strong acidic burning feeling in my stomach a lot but that’s gone) and I lost about 5lbs.

My skin does look a lot better and I sleep better too. Since the diet has ended I have started eating meat again but I always think about how long it stays in the digestive system more – yuck – so have cut down. As for dairy I’ve completely moved to milk alternatives, I feel much better that way.

I would really recommend this Chris James Mind & Body Detox to anyone who is in need for a refresh, anyone who is feeling sluggish or wants to drop some pounds but in a healthy way, not just a eat-really-odd-food way.

Chris James Mind & Body Cleanse is offering 20% off to Cosmetic Candy readers using the code: ccy11 (Full prize £79.99) visit the site to purchase.

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  1. Shari says

    I could give up coffee, milk, and meat for a little while, but that’s it. I would do the detox, and then go right back to having all of those yummy things! :)