What’s your dream skincare get up?

Every now and then I order some Japanese magazines to read – my favourites are Maquia, Voce and Biteki. This month they were pretty naff, but nevertheless I couldn’t help but start lusting over some pretty, pretty skincare after seeing their adverts.

It got me thinking – what Skincare, if money were no object would you use? Would you go for pretty Jill Stuart like packaging of the brand name of Creme de la Mer?


Me: I think I would choose a really rich, creamy cleanser (as much as I love Cleansing oils, they dry my skin after a while). I’d pick a non sticky, hydrating toner/essence, a hydrating but not greasy moisturizer.

I’d pick:

1. Euoko Y-10 Marine Cream Cleanser £50
2. SKII Essence £55
3. Armani Crema Nera (I think its about £200)

Having said that, I have used very expensive skincare before that broke me out immediately – too rich!

So I’m giving you a virtual credit card and you can go anywhere in the world and buy any skincare you want – whats it gonna be?!

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  1. says

    Hi Rowena!
    I would go to Japan and get the whole set of Shiseido Granas skincare. I got some samples and they are great, but a tad expensive.
    Sofina EST stuff is also great. I own some skincare things and LOVE it to bits. Their latest cleanser is amazing, a fresher and smoother version of Eve Lom, feeling and smelling much nicer.
    But… I would also go to France and scour a whole set of the Imortell anti-ageing stuff. Actually, I would get that here in Ireland, since they have shops everywhere, but since you are offering us a virtual trip, why not France, hey!
    Hugs for you, thanks for the post!

  2. Samantha says

    I have been lusting after the Clarisonic skincare brush for ages. $195 plus replacement heads that cost $25 is just too much for me to spend when I can just wash my face by hand, however. I’d also love to try out MD skincare Alpha and Beta face peel wipes. One more thing, Intensive Exfoliating Treatment by Kate Somerville is $175, but gahh I want it to so bad.

    Have any of you used these products? Are they worth lemming over?