What’s your beauty obsessions?

Believe it or not, I am a little obsessed with make up. When my make up obsessions take hold there is no stopping me. I go through fads.

I am that chick that has a breadmaker, a yogurt maker, a doughnut maker and an exercise bike.

I buy things in threes. I buy entire ranges if I like the formula. I buy things based on packaging. I buy things that have a certain word in the title.

But I want to know I am not the only one….do you too have bunny boiler characteristics….towards make up?

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Poll: What is your beauty obsession?

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My 5 current obsessions are:

1. Mascara – this is always on the list, until I find the Wentworth Miller of Mascaras I won’t be stopping

2. Scott Barnes. I bought some of his stuff from Strawberry Net (its discontinued but the range is on sale there) and its gorgeous, pure glam, pure bling stuff! The lip slicks are fab as are the powders…I’ve been hammering Strawberrynet for the brand…. :o/

3. Armani. I am a little in love with my elf-ish SA on the counter, so I am planning a trip back for some lipstick and fluid sheers…for Christmas photos, you understand.

4. Primers. I have so many but I haven’t found the one – which is NON oily but improves lasting ability AND covers pores.

5. Red Lipstick. I found my dream read by the way. Will report shortly, but if there was ever a time to buy lots of red lipstick I’ll wear once with the excuse being ‘its festive’ its NOW.

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  1. Nina says

    Please do tell us about the red lipstick you found! I am going nuts over here trying to find the perfect red lipstick for me!

  2. Melia says

    I’m obsessed with mascaras and nail polish. Mascara has to create false-looking lashes, or it goes to the graveyard.
    I buy nail polish for the colors. I’m into minty green, gray, dark green and dark blue right now and am buying up everything in sight.
    Most of my other make up obsessions are under control, for now!

  3. Manders says

    ooh nice to know I’m not the only blush fanatic. I will never understand why but I just CANNOT resist.

  4. Kip says

    I’m obsessed with drugstore beauty products (esp lipsticks and eye shadows) because they are cheap and i need perk-me-ups most of the time.

    but now, i get very restless if i don’t go to boots and buy at least one thing once a week. It’s killing my wallet.=S

  5. says

    oh yeah, lots of beauty obsessions, but lipgloss still reigns at the moment. Really like Armani too, but it’s too expensive ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. Gloria says

    you should put eyeshadows as an option ๐Ÿ˜‰ it’s my life goal to collect all the pretty colors out there ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Jo says

    Lip balm. Loads of lip balm. I’ve tried almost everything available in the drugstore, and am now looking at indie/handmade ones because I can’t shell out money for something that I lose so often.

  8. sue says

    I really like cream blush! I wanna collect all the YSL ones.
    I also really, really like the bourjois mini blush.
    I sent my friends to Taiwan and Europe to hunt it down for me but it’s all sold out everywhere. She only got me 1 shade from Taiwan. I won’t give up!!