What’s your beauty minimum?

Ladies, ladies….

I ahve so many posts in mind, I have videos, I have a new shop, I have other blogs…I have all these ideas but I have absolutely no……energy:

I am completely exhausted although to be fair to my body, it’s used to it and can cope now under minimal sleep. Still…it’s not ideal. When I am busy (and I am sure this is the case for a lot of you too) I have to get done what needs to get done and it means other things are skimmed down.

That totally means that all things beauty is pared down to the minimum.

Oh how I miss the student days, or even the early years of work when I’d have the time to wake up, do my hair properly and apply more then just concealer and eyeliner! I could adjust and readjust my clothes until I stepped out of the house. These days, you’re lucky I didn’t put my pants on inside out.

Don’t get me wrong though – I have an end goal in mind and I’d rather do the hard slogging now, then later…

Anyway, my question for you is this.

Everyone gets busy at some point in their lives and when this is the case, what is your beauty minimum?

That is, what is the least you will do to make sure you are (kinda) presentable to the world?

My beauty minimum (which is where I’m at in this moment in time!) is clean hair (always clean, can’t stand greasy hair) tied back .  I am too tired to straighten it although I keep saying I will do that then give it a quick curl with some tongs…one day.

I wash my face in the evenings and apply a simple cream. No eye cream, nothing fancy right now.  Brush and floss teeth.  Foundation, concealer and if I have to have just one more thing, an eyelash curler.  In reality I can fit in a quick layer of mascara and liquid eyeliner. No time for blush and lip products – when I get into work I can easily put some tinted lip balm on.

So that’s me when I am running on zero spare time and energy.  How about you?

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  1. says

    Me, too, girl, me too! shower, deodorant, tinted moisturizer, mineral foundation, blush, curl lashes, lip balm, something in my hair that I can just jouje about really quickly to control frizzies -_- sleepy right now!

  2. says

    Hmmm, clean hair and body – like you hair just pukled back. Teeth. Wash face. Tinted moisturiser, lipbalm and lashes curled. The rest can wait til later.

  3. says

    Clean hair and body, toner and lotion on face, brush teeth, put in contacts (if I have the time if not glasses it is), hair up in a clip, eye primer, liner, mascara, and gloss. If I dont’ have time for those last 4 I grab them on my way out the door and apply at work.

  4. Jen says

    Clean hair, body, teeth and face, skincare (I’d rather skimp on makeup than skincare!), BB cream to even out skintone, bit of powder to get rid of shine, blusher and pencil brows in….good to go! This is my normal routine for work, seeing as I always wake up at the last possible minute! At the weekend, I’ll spend more times on my eyes if I’m off out somewhere.
    I hate when you know you have loads to do but not enough time to do it all in…some of the time it’s my own fault for being a born procrastinator, but sometimes life’s a sod lol

  5. says

    My minimum skincare is moisturizer and lipbalm, can’t live without them. I usually have a bit of time when I get to work, so I use that time to stipple on BB cream. It takes care of the redness, unevenness, dark circles and most blemishes. My finishing touch is lipstick, which I’m usually never without as well, and mascara. Hair in a messy-but-awesome bun. :)

  6. says

    clean hair. at night, i use an oil cleanser and then regular face wash, brush teeth, and floss. In the morning, I put on toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen. I put on lip balm on the way to the station.

  7. says

    I always make time for facial care (cleanser, lotion, moisturizer, sunscreen) and then if I’m running late just bb cream, or even just bare face (my skin is not perfect but I’m not one to really care about how polished I look first thing in the morning) I used to apply concealer and lip-something on the train but don’t commute anymore so if I’m running late I just can’t use those things :/ I also don’t do anything with my hair- just comb it through with my fingers and tie it up, or leave it down. I’m very lazy about how I look XD

  8. Li says

    Proper shower and hair wash, let my hair dry while I’m cycling to work. Eye drops, lip balm, brush my hair! That’s it. A good blow of the nose helps too – I swear, when my sinuses are clear I look better. TMI?

  9. says

    My morning routine is pretty minimal with early call times and the like. I put some Emma Hardie Foaming Face Wash on when I stumble into the bathroom and let it do its thing while I brush my teeth. Then I rinse it off using a Konjac Sponge. I then put on a little eye cream and some Emma Hardie Light Lotion. If I have time I’ll put on some foundation but often I’ll just put a little concealer where it’s necessary, powder (hopefully mineral) to even things out and knock off the shine, curl my lashes, mascara (wiggling at the roots helps it to look like I’ve got a bit of liner on) and a tinted lip balm. Hair wise, I put a velcro roller in my fringe before I leave my bedroom and hope that by the time I’ve left the house the fringe is tamed. I will either brush my hair or pin the sides back but I usually like to have it down. I feel terribly lazy seeing as I’m a MUA but I’m just not one of those girls that has perfectly applied makeup every single day! I don’t have time! x