What’s your average beauty and skincare haul?

If there’s one shop where I can always find something to buy its Boots.

Boots is the biggest pharmacy/drugstore over in the UK, where you can buy make up from drugstore level to high end, healthcare items, skincare, fragrance, even baby clothes and toys.

This is what I picked up on my lunch break last week:


Imperial Leather Foamburst Shower Gel in Hawaiian Spa (love this, good fun)

Impulse Temptation Body Spray (was on offer and it had been a hot day if you know what I mean!)

Babyliss Multi Coloured Clips

Boots Pack of Pins (got it into my head I would create a hairstyle!)

Babyliss Yellow Headband (already lost this)

A stacker pot for some vitamins I keep forgetting to take.

I think I spent about £12 in total.

So I was wondering – if you’re not hauling make up, what do you tend to haul from the drugstore?

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  1. Oh its easy Shampoos ,soaps and moisturizing face creams, 😀

  2. Deodorant, cotton pads, face creams and almost anything that’s on sale 😉 (last week; Yes To Carrots eye contour cream for half of the price. And i don’t even need it haha)

  3. random stuff in the drugstore that’s on sale; eye drops or hair products, soaps and lip balms.
    Also, I tend to buy travel sizes of various shampoos as I’m forever looking for a new shampoo.

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