What’s new pussycat?

I’ll restrain myself from breaking into song, but lots of lovely things going on this month (kind of).  I still have lots to do and it doesn’t help that my net has stopped working (how am I posting now? why, there’s always a way!).

This month I should be visiting some new places (though not madly exciting), it’s TOH’s birthday (you think girls cost a lot? Men’s presents are infintely more expensive although girls probably cost more over the duration of a lifetime.

I am going to start working on my swatch project – the aim is to have all the things I own in some kind of searchable gallery format – this will take time but once I have enough swatches, I will start putting them up on this site.

Reviews coming up:

Remington Spin Curl! – yep, mine arrived!

New Barry M Eyeshadows

Sana Pore Essence Concealer

Rock Minerals, er, mineral make up!

Dr Nick Lowe skincare for my spotty skin

Sula Fragrances and Paint and Peel nail polish

New Mascara find, I am VERY excitied about. If it doesn’t work it shall be an EPIC fail.

Illamasqua Makeover

Lots of Kevin Beauty Maker (a Korean brand) stuff I discovered recently.

And lots lots more!!!

There will also be a new rating system in place and possibly some videos.

Thanks to people who donated too, there’s still time here (up to the 26th of march for sponsership, but obviously you can donate whenever you can!).  Do you like the new blog?  TOH built it (basically learnt how to use CSS in a weekend), so I must plug his music site a little, it is here.

Have a fabulous March!

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    • Row says

      Thanks Li! :) looks good. I have got into nail art lately, but i dont have time to do any pretty patterns!

  1. says

    How did you find the concealer to be? I’ve been wanting to try Sana’s Pore Putty line (namely, the primer and powder) but I’m not sure if the products will be effective.

    • Row says

      Hi Pandy

      Sorry I’m thick, which concealer? I have the SANA Pore Putty concealer. It’s a good OPAQUE concealer, it is VERY thick. Under the eyes, it wrinkles like mad. On the face its good but it is one colour only – tad light on my NC35 skin and once again its thick thick thick. Its nice as a eye primer actually but its difficult to use because of its texture.