What’s lost its fizzle?

Do you ever feel like some brands have lost their fizzle?

I was thinking looking a Lavshuca’s winter offering and Lunasol collections how dull they are compared to the things that were released last year, or even 2 years ago.  The colours, the packaging is all pretty dull to me.

my top 5 brands that have left me disinterested are:

1. Lavshuca

2. Lunasol

3. Chanel

4. MAC

5. Coffret D’or

The five that have really appealed to me lately are

1. Nars

2. RMK

3. Cle De Peau

4. Sana

5. Suqqu

How about you? Any brands lost their sparkle?

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  1. Medina says

    YSL, Dior, Givenchy – basically anything too bling or girlie. Only want classy minimalist packaging now like Nars and Shu Uemura. Must be getting old…. And Mac – how many LE lines of old stock can they actually bring out? And nasty cheap ass packaging is doing my head in.

  2. Row says

    Hey Medina

    Especially seeing the Christmas MAC stuff now – it’s so dull. It’s the stuff I went made for last year but I’ve realised it’s all just much of a muchness. At least revamp the product, or packaging or colours or concept etc.

    I am loving Suqqu and Cle de peau, both very grown up brands! (but too expensive to splurge on all the time!

  3. Row says

    Hi wieniawski

    I agree about the bling bling although I am loving the new YSl palettes (or the look of them) :)

    SANA has loads of excellent mascaras and eye products too!

  4. Medina says

    Hi Row!

    Cle de peau! Me like! Gorgeousness! Must do a closer inspection. It’s a Shiseido brand isn’t it? That means liquid foundations should be nice.

    Thank you for the recommendation. I can see my bank manager foaming at the mouth already. :-)

  5. Row says

    Hey Medina!

    Cle de peau is incredible but soooooooooooo expensive its a killer and also the exchange rate is so rubbish I declined to buy some palettes which would have cost me about £50. Not the sellers fault but the exchange rate is so crappy. Cle de peau also have amazing concelaer thats raved about 😀