What’s in my Baby Bag? – August 2014

As soon as you have a child, you realise that you will never leave the house again without a ton of crap.  Now that H is nearly 2 I carry slightly less clothing changes than when he was a newborn, but that’s about it. I like to have everything with me ‘just in case’.  I only carry his full baby bag if I am going out for a trip longer than 1 hour (if I am just popping to a class or to the local shops, I don’t bother).  

I also have a separate cool bag with his food, drinks and snacks, he carries his water bottle by hand, and I have my own small handbag (nothing too big, and usually something I can wear over the body – at the moment I use the Mulberry Lily in Oak) where I keep my essentials like wallet and phone.

Here is my current bag arrangement: 

What s in my Baby Bag August 2014

I have so many baby bags! Primarily, I have a Babymel Satchel which is my staple because it isn’t too big and is very strong, and I have a Marc Jacobs Eliza baby bag which I like but expands a bit too much for my liking (the Babymel keeps it’s squarish shape better so is easier to carry around).  I bought this brandless bag from eBay because I wanted more space than the Babymel, however I don’t recommend it – the zip has already broken! 

Ok, so what’s in my bag?

In my bag I generally carry:

Clothing –

2 Spare undersuits

1 Short sleeved T-shirt

1 Long sleeved top

1 or 2 pairs of spare pants (H drinks a lot of water and leaks a LOT)

Spare shoes if he isn’t wearing any when we leave

4 nappies on average

Lightweight muslin sheet – it’s Turkish cotton, so soft and lovely

Pram Clips (from Jo Maman bebe)

Changing Mat

A random toy – this time it was his Leappad letter writer, sometimes it’s his iPad or a book. 

Emergency food just in case we lose/forget his food bag – his favourites are Ella’s Kitchen Tomato and Fennel Crackers, Organix Number Cookies and some a carton. 

Pack of wipes

Also a Hat (not pictured! he had it on!)

Spare Socks

What s in my Baby Bag August 2014 1

Skincare and medicines

Weleda White Mallow Face Cream

Weleda White Mallow Nappy Cream 

Sun Sense Toddler Lotion

Mini Gatsby Hair Wax

Carex Antibacterial Kids Gel

Carex Antibacterial Hand gel 


Hand Wipes



Piriton (he seems to have hayfever but I try not to give it to him all the time)

Susan Posinick Brush on Block 

Pouch with ear buds of different sizes and plasters

Japonesque Nail Scissors 

Japonesque Crocodile Comb

Dettol Antiseptic Cream

Saline Nasal Drops

Olbas Oil (kids)

Syringe for medicines

Cool Forehead Pads

A few paracetemol sachets 

Face Cloth (in a bear shape)

What s in my Baby Bag August 2014 2

In H’s bag I carry a small pouch with my own emergency essentials too –

Packet of Gaviscon



Mini MIrror

Eye Drops

Tampons (err…not much use now) 

Nail Clippers

Jo Malone Mini Perfumes – Grapefruit & Pomegrante Noir

Ketchup Sachet (well you never know)

Decaf coffee sachet

Sealed earbuds

Nail Oil 

Sephora Mini Deodorant 

Lip balm 


What s in my Baby Bag August 2014 3

My bag is pretty well stocked and a little on the heavy side! I used to hook it over my handles on the bugaboo BUT I read that you can damage the handles that way, so I now make an effort to put it in the basket below or use buggy clips to correctly disperse the weight. 
Some of my quick tips on packing/choosing a baby bag:

1. Choose a bag that’s not too heavy when empty, that can be machine washed and has waterproof/resistant qualities if you can! I do think Baby Mel and Skip Hop make good, well priced bags.  You can of course just use a regular bag although I find the compartments are useful. 
2. I have in the past decanted skincare products and even medicines into smaller containers – if you are pushed for space this is a nice way to get everything you need into one bag!
3. Make sure there’s a separate compartment either in the bag or even a front section for nappy change items. I find that they are the most used items (wipes, nappies, cream) so it’s a pain if they are just under a pile of other things so I make sure they are separate and easy to get to. 
4. Obviously every child is different and what you need is different.  You soon learn to pack accordingly for various outings! Just remember to do a back top up when you get home ‘Did you restock the nappies…..Er no, did you??’ ie. nappies, snacks, or replacing wet or soiled clothing. 
5. I like bags that come with buggy clips or can work with buggy clips and expand a little so you can squeeze more in but don’t entirely lose their shapes and just look like giants sacks.  Also a comfortable body strap is useful, esp if you need to carry the bag or dad needs to.  
 Soon I will need a new baby bag – something light and spacious enough for H and a newborn! On the plus side, I will be breastfeeding again so it means barely anything bottle wise to carry around, and I hope to potty train H soon. 

What’s in your bags?
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