What’s a Globe Brush?: L’Oréal Paris Telescopic Explosion Mascara Review

I’m in the mood for cracking open of of my recent mascara purchases so bust open this one recently.

L’oreal Telescopic Explosion is just like the Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes Mascara
which was way too heavy for my puny lashes. The L’oreal one is such a rip off of the Givenchy! But anyway…


I don’t really buy drugstore mascaras very much purely because they don’t work too well on me. I tend to stick to Japanese mascara’s which work well with short, straight lashes and do not come off (ever.)

L’oreal say that this Globe Brush is:

Ultra-precise and easy to use, L’Oréal Paris Telescopic Explosion Mascara’s petite brush is covered with soft elastomer spikes and can be used from any angle to stretch lash appearance, coat and curl your lashes.

Small and spherical, the flexi-globe brush of L’Oréal Paris Telescopic Explosion Mascara makes it easy to capture and separate each and every lash right from the root.


The brush is different from the Givenchy, in that the spikes are longer, more rubbery, the Givenchy is shorter and is perfectly round (see the brush head here).

The L’oreal brush is prone to picking up more product:


The brush is also spiker – it does actually give quite a spiky lash effect for some reason.

Whenever I see these spiky done shaped things I think of the goblin type creature from The Legend of Zelda that uses a flail. Mind you it’s not the strangest brush shape I’ve used.

The mascara is quite creamy and rich – eek, like the Givenchy. It’s not waterproof either.


The idea of this mascara brush is that it can get everywhere – and yes, actually I think its quite effective for getting the little hairs and when you need to be quite careful with your application.

The downside of this is that it takes a while to cover the lashes (especially if you have thick, long, abundant lashes), and its a little fiddly to use. A small brush head works just as well for lashes like mine.



One coat – because I could apply it bit by bit I was quite light handed and my curl lived!:


Two coats – looks spiky. Bit of flopping:


From underneath you can see the length and spikiness. If you already have long, lush lashes I don’t think this is the mascara for you if you want volume. Length, its pretty good, volume, no.


The flopping is more clear from the side, although some of my lashes stayed curled.


I kinda like this mascara, although other reviews I read of it weren’t too positive.

It certainly worked better for me than the Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes Mascara, which is just too rich, but at the same time this isn’t a mascara revelation.

I would use this on top of another mascara to add a boost to some parts of my lashes. I think its too fiddly for every day and it also would run on me eventually with it not being waterproof.

That is all.

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  1. says

    Woah, your lashes seem so long. Shame this is not waterproof. I feel that this is all right for putting the mascara on, but not all to achieve at all any kind of curl or volume or anything. that thing just deposits mascara everywhere you want it to, in a precise manner. perfecto to reach hard to reach places but then I feel you’d need to comb them with another brush, while the mascara is still wet to try to achieve a curl or something

    • Row says

      Hey Liloo

      A lady who did my lashes once said mine were not short, just straight. I argued with her for 10 minutes then she snapped “I SEE 100 LASHES A WEEK!” – so I shut up.

      Its a great idea, this globe brush but I guess the formula isn’t perfect yet x

  2. Ashley says

    Baah I had a terrible experience with this mascara! It just clumped for me & the brush was just a giant glob of black goo, boo :[