What to spend the Boots points on?

With Christmas looming, one of the top places to shop is Boots, with their 3 for 2 gifts and the Christmas ranges.

In honesty, I have already done 85% of my Christmas Shopping (really! – I Hate crowds and post is not to be trusted this year), however, I am hoping to pick myself a little treat with the 4000 Boots points I’ve got saved up (About £40).

Chanel is probably the only brand I buy from in Boots and this compact caught my eye:

Pretty cool! But I am also interested in what quad they will bring out for the Christmas, even though I think the quality of Canel eyeshadows are only so so.

My favourite fragrance is Stella, so I was also eyeing up this:

Although I would love a little travel sized bottle to carry round!

Choices, choices. Alternatively, they also have:

A doughtnut maker!!! Yeah!

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