What to do when you have Too. Much. Make. Up.

As a beauty blogger and a general complete beauty and gadget lover I accumulate a lot of things.

Whilst I personally spend spare money I have on beauty goodies (as you can see from this site), PR are also generous with samples (although the many of these never see the light of day on Cosmetic Candy).

So after a fantastic week of shopping and parcels I plonked everything down, along with all the other weeks and weeks of back logged products and sighed…

cat floaters.jpg



I am not exaggerating when I say I can’t take a few steps in this place without standing on or banging into a make up or beauty product. I could fill about 12 large storage cabinets with the stuff.

So my evacuation plan…

The new or lightly tested things that I have personally bought I can blog sale.

There’s things I give away to girls at work, to family and friends.

There are extras I can get other people to review for me on the blog.

What about the other stuff? The free samples I can’t sell, that isn’t suitable for anyone I know, that I don’t really need reviewed for the blog?
Well, we were driving through the city the other week and I spotted a sign for a charity called the Mustard Tree. When I got home I looked for their website which I found after a while due to my bad memory.

What as it again? The Pickled Brie?

The Mustard Tree offers helps people in need by offering furniture, food parcels, household items, training….they also offer one off parcels including toiletries to those in need.

As long as the products haven’t expired and are in good condition (no broken bottles etc.) it can be donated.

Perfect solution for me, and I’m on a mission now to find other charities local to me that offer a similar service.

cat charity.jpg

It really is worth remembering that as much as we love to accumulate things because they are pretty and sparkly, I bet most of us don’t finish everything we try (especially skincare) and it is such a waste to see these things expire then chucked in the bin.

I am personally going through a clean out now and forming piles for reviewers, blog sale, charity, friends and family and THE BIN!

Spring clean! Spring Clean!

P.S. The Mustard Tree is local to me, so its worth finding charities local to you that do a similar kind of thing. If you find one, why no list your city and the contact details for them in the comments for other readers?

P.P.S. No, that isn’t my cat begging. Although….it gives me an idea….

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  1. Kellie hill says

    I used to know what it was like to have too much make up. Boo, sniff bawl. I don’t have that problem now :”-(

  2. jaffra says

    I had a massive makeup ‘purge’ this year. I gave all of the high end stuff i was unwilling to part with to my sister and mum, called my friends over for a girly night in and let them take whatever they wanted from a huge pile i prepared (they took most of it!), gave the rest to the local women’s shelter and binned whatever was out of date or used.

    After all of that i can honestly say I use and LOVE *everything* in my makeup collection which is great! Also it was a good lesson in what kind of makeup/skincare i truly love and use often and what stuff i buy for the sake of buying but never get round to using. After that i decided to ditch all of my lipgloss since i only ever wear about 8 of them (im more of a lipstick girl) and i reduced my eyeshadow collection to one 12-pan pallette and i can honestly say i dont miss any of it!

    Yay for wiser purchases!

  3. says

    I would love to be a guest reviewer. I’ve done a couple of reviews on my own blog, but I don’t really have the amount of products needed to do some good review.


  4. says

    I wish I had your problem! I’m suffering a lack of cosmetics haha… If you would like anything reviewed i’d be happy to help 😉 x

  5. acelira says

    You coul’d make gift basquets for holydas give aways, donate make up to beauty schools … I guess

  6. says

    Oh, and I will gladly review for you :) Being a woman with darker skin (myself), I’m sure you would appreciate views from a different angle :)

  7. says

    pick me to reviewww your make up !!
    aww you lucky u hv make up and sample.!! lol you know even for sample its hard to find here, sometimes for sample i must buy it. .. hehe

  8. stefania says

    you must be a very kind person, great idea to help unlike people!!!!!

  9. stefania says

    you must be a very kind person, great idea to help unlucky people!!!!!