What to buy in Spring?

Whenever there are new collections, it is so difficult to choose what to buy…come on, we can’t buy ALL of it.

I tend to focus on things I really like, have a gut reaction about, and are limited – after all things in the permanent range can be collected slowly…

There is one collection which is inciting excitement in me even though the release is a good week away. It is the RMK Shiny Dots Collection……but in order to indulge in this Limited Edition collection I have to sacrifice something else. And I think I know what it has to be:

MAC N Collection…

MAC Fafi…

Like I’ve said a million times, I do like MAC, I always seem to get suckered in especially when it is a new-hyped collection (like Fafi is). Rememeber Barbie? I was on the phone t mail order at 9am – I still have the whole collection, boxed, and not touched any of it so far.

I also went crazy for Metal-X, even though I had read not so hot reviews about the range and I’ve only used 6th Sin so far.

So I have to be strong; especially with Fafi, which looks incredibly colourful and cute…the perfect combo to market I suppose, but to deter me, there is:

I don’t know why RMK always use a blonde hair, blue eyed model…not that they have to use a Japanese model but it would be nice to see some variation.

I love all of the eyeshadows, and all of the blushers. I am going to the launch event and make over next week, so I am interested as to what they will come up with. (I always say more colour, more colour! Slap it on!).

So are you forfeiting anything in order to splurge on something else?

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  1. ' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' says

    i’m having that problem right now :( i have a list of stuff that my friend is going to buy me from japan, but at the same time i want to buy more stuff from nars and mac :S at least the fafi collection seems to be overhyped from the reviews thus far.

  2. Row says

    Hey Blu!

    Yeah, we can’t have it alll……can we?!

    I will try hard to not buy anything from Fafi – I find that MAC tends to rehash things a lot – I have so many pigments and eyeshadows that are easily interchangable. Hence why I am very excited about RMK shiny dots as its different from anything else that is about…

  3. koizumi says

    Oh my god! If I have a “big” credit card… but for now I will have enought with the paint pot Soft Ochre and lipstick n3 and the pigment Golden Olive, all from Mac. And from Nars Abyssinia eyeshadow and a lipstick of Chanel and a loads of things… this is a crazy vicious!

  4. Chica says

    Argh i’m trying to be strong and only order 1 or 2 things from Fafi because i’m sick of MAC re-releasing things under the guise of a new limited edition collection too.

  5. Melissa says

    Oh my gosh! Would you ever sell any of the Barbie collection? There are so many items from it that I have been dieing to have. It’s terribly hard to the real thing on eBay or to manage a swap on makeupalley. If you ever decide to sell, please, please! send me an email .. californiamixtapes@yahoo.com You would make my day!