What the Lady wants, the Lady gets…

So a few days ago I saw a tester for an eyeshadow in a store called Superdrug, which sells the more low end cosmetic ranges (but prices are slowly creeping up).

The brand, Sleek, is known for producing cosmetics for dark skins.

I spotted a 12 shadow eyeshadow palette, and became obsessed. The colours were rich, pigmented, strong and metallic and soft. There was a problem…there were none in stock.

So I was on a mission. I called nine – yes NINE local stores to see if there were any in stock. Nada. As soon as they come in, they fly out, says the lady.

I started to look out of my local area. I became obsessed. I couldn’t find it on Ebay, I couldn’t find it from any online shops. The boyf did me a favour and called some stores for me again and….voila! A local store had recieved four palettes. Hold them! I shouted….

Now, after all that build up, it isn’t THAT exciting, but it was at the time:

The blue is a dead copy of MAC Parrot – and yes the whole palette is soft and well pigmented. I love this find!

Since I have good intentions of improving my mainly-reeces-butter-cup-centred-diet, I bought a Japanese bento box kit from Ebay:

As well as the items above, you get a matching bag, a matching cloth napkin and a bottle holder. Oh and some little squeezy bottles for soy. But will I ever wake up early enough to make a packed lunch?!?!?

After binging, the other half and my two cousins demanded a walk, except it was getting dark, wet and muddy. Nevertheless, three against one wins…

I dislike going for walks. I think walking should have a purpose, like I am walking from A to B because there’s a point to it. Nevertheless, I was covered in mud, but the children liked it because they were bug hunting and the managed to catch……a dead fly. Yes, it had to be dead before they were capable of catching it.


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  1. Vanessa says

    oOoh! Pretty palette! Gorgeous colors, can’t wait to see the FOTD you do with them!

    Haha I like the last pic, man bag, hilarious! :)

  2. Lea says

    Hi there,

    On the contrary, I like walking. I think I should adopt a dog so I can have a walking buddy.

    Patience is truly a vitue. How supportive (and sweet) of your boyf to be calling for you, he’s your lucky charm! That looks like a good buy, review please. What’s the brand? Btw, maybe Megan can teach you how to do a video blog for this pallette? lol.


  3. MandyPandy says

    Megan is cuter than a box full of kittens! No; actually, kittens are not so cute once their mother has abandoned them and you have to take care of them 24/7. Well, she’s too precious for words, anyway. Awww…

    Manbag? Ouch! Back in the day they were called messenger bags and most folks (male and female) at my high school preferred them to those Godawful bookbags. Damn, but they did a number on your back!

    Oh yes, and I came across something that might interest you:


    All I can say is he clearly got the looks in his family.

  4. Row says

    Hey Vanessa!

    I will do a FOTD with them soon, its such a cool palette :)

    Lea – The brand is SLEEK. Megan could probably do the video blog for me!! I’ll ask her, if she’s not to busy reading Horrid Henry!

    MandyPandy – I see my future inlaws are a little, er, special looking. Do you know Shane Ward? Won UK Idol a year before Leona Lewis. Quite a handsome chap, his family are very…erm…special. I mean, makes Jo O’Meara look like Natalie Portman. Something in the gene pool went crazy there, I tell ya.

    Yeah its a messenger bag really, but I call it his manbag. He doesnt carry it unless he needs to (he was carrying Megans bug catcher).

    Strangely enough the other half has been wanting a kitten because he keeps seeing these “comedy” situation photos involving cats? I’m scared of anything small and furry so…maybe not…

    Apart from Chicks. I love Chicks.

  5. MandyPandy says

    Wait, he wants a kitten because he wants to recreate “comedy” situation photos involving them? I really hope it’s for Lolcatz and not for, say, Bonsai Kitten. Personally, I think kittens are overrated and require too much effort to care for (I should know).

    Yes, I like chicks too, but I prefer the tall, comely kind, not the small and furry ones. Although, I’m sure they’re nice, too.

  6. petitebelle says

    that. Palette looks amazing! I like that its a combination of both neutral and bright colors

  7. Chica says

    Gorgeous colours, I don’t think i’ve ever seen them in Superdrug, although given the amount of searching you had to do I probably wouldn’t have!
    Have you heard the rumour? Appears the UK might be getting Sephora back!
    We’ll be able to ignore Superdrug completely!

  8. the Muse says

    rows it must be an english thing as my bf’s father totes around a man bag too 😉

    Love you!

    Got your list and will work on it shortly and reply to your emails as I’m sooooooo behind!

    Go on admit how much you miss me!

    Go on now!

  9. the Muse says

    ps I eat kitten tempura all the time;)

    Yummie in my tummie!

    lol…sorry Mandy’s diseased mind is getting to me!