What is Twlight?

Help me out here girls. What the hell is twlight? It’s clogging up the gossip pages I love to read and I don’t know what it is.

This is the only kind of Twlight I know.

And I was searching for a picture of Nicola T, page 3 girl on I’m a celebrity who has not become a very irritating and true to her sterotype, bitchy. Instead (cover your eyes Mandy) I found this picture of ginger Nicola from Girls Aloud with the Chanel Bag I WANT!

It clashes with her hair. Give it to me! Give it to me!

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  1. Citrine says

    It’s just a vampire/romance book (out of quad) that’s adapted into a movie (starring a relatively attractive British Actor) people compare it to harry potter series but I haven’t heard about it until 3 days ago?

  2. Chica says

    It’s a series of books – teen romance about vampires & werewolves. It’s a bit cheesy in places but they are aimed at people a few years younger than me!
    Quite sweet, not amazing – if I’m reading vampire lit I prefer Anne Rice – they have a huge cult following in the states, I think they’ll probably be more popular over here once the film comes out :)

    Nicola looks even more pale than usual in that photo!

  3. PunkPlushie says

    If you want to know just how horrible Twilight is, it’s on par with Tara Gilesbie’s masterpiece My Immortal, only with spell check and a sad attempt at trying to disguise unoriginal ideas.
    The maddening thing is that Twilight isn’t rotting on fanfiction.net like it should be, but making millions of cash monies. The author is in Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People, because apparently catering to the fantasies of fugly to-pussy-to-be-goth girls who wouldn’t know a good book if it hit them in the face makes you noteworthy.

    – Encyclopedia Dramatica