What is Superbowl?

Seriously. The other half was flicking through the channels and fell asleep on the channel that was showing the Superbowl. I was too busy typing to change the channel so I watched Faith Hill and Jennifer Hudson sing – now I am confused. Why is it so big? This is American Football right? TOH tells me American football is “rugby but for girls”, does he lie?

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  1. StellaMoon says

    American football is not rugby for girls – players have died, been paralized, etc. It’s not one of my favorite sports, in fact I’d rather watch TV evangelists than a football game, but still, it’s dangerous in spite of the padding. The Superbowl is a big deal to most mails of legal age in the States, and buying commercials during the SB costs roughly 100,000.00 US per second. Absurd.

    Love your blog and all your fabulous advice, and please don’t hold it against me that I’m an American – it’s not that embarrassing since January 20th. I might even consider traveling outside our borders again. What stores are must sees in London?


    • Row says

      Hi StellaMoon

      Thanks for the info about American Football…I really don’t know anything about it, but clearly its a game for men! Hoo-Ha! I saw on the news yesterday a jolly American couple had paid something like $2500 for tickets? Is that normal!???!?!?!?

      American’s are offically 99% cooler since Jan 20th, how did you know?!

      London stores – there’s everything! What do you like? Harrods? Fenwicks? Topshop? Poundland. I’m not kidding, i love poundland!