What I’m doing today: On the panel for the IABUK: Social Media Forum

I’m heading off to London town today as I was asked to be a panellist for the IABUK Social Media Forum Event (Internet Advertising Bureau UK).

The event is way to help UK marketers make sense of how to talk to consumers using social media, and myself, Mr Holy Moly (read his site, it’s hilarious) and Ewan MacLeod from Mobile Industry Review will be on a panel, answering questions about how we like to be approached and spoken to etc.

They’ll also be lots of top brands present – it’s a bit weird seeing Cosmetic Candy wedged between CNN and Cosmpolitan.co.uk!


This cool photo is of the band, I Blame Coco who will be headlining. I’ve been listening to some of their tunes and they’re rather good…

Wish me (lots of) luck!

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