What I use for Migrane Relief: Kao Vapor Relax Hot Eye Mask in Chamomile Review

I’ve been meaning to talk about these Kao Vapor Relax Eye Masks for ages and ages. I’ve been buying these religiously for 18 months now and they are so good for when you need to relax, they totally soothe your eyes and or if like me, you suffer from chronic migraines and general head pain.


The Kao heated eye mask goes the other way from what we are use to using for headache relief – the cold pack. Instead this heats up to 40 degrees (you will sweat) and it completely soothes your head. It comes in 2 scents (I think) Lavender and Chamomile. I like both of them…

Each mask comes in a foil pack so you can transport them (great for travel). It does look like a sanitary pad though…so yes, it may look like you’ve stuck an Always towel to your face.


It gets HOT – not painful, just very warm and for me, it feels like I’ve dunked my head into a sauna. It’s so relaxing and because I generally use it for when I have a muggy head it sends me off to sleep.

The eye masks have some kind of gel in the eye areas…At least that’s what I think it is. Once it makes contact with your skin it begins to heat (loop it wound your ears to keep it in place).


To re-iterate, I find these great for:

1. Headaches

2. Eye strain

3. Insomnia

It’s so good for migraines.

When I sense a migraine coming (I get the Halo), I immediately pop 2 strong painkillers, pop this mask on (it blocks all light out) and get under a duvet and sleep through it if I can!

Few places you can buy it from – Adambeauty.com, Yesstyle.com and eBay (try the seller Alphabeautyuk). It costs around £7 for a pack of 5 and you can buy bulk boxes.

Have you ever tried these?

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  1. says

    I get nasty headaches sometimes too, so I’ll have to look into these. I hate taking pain killers for them, so this might be an awesome solution for me. 😀

  2. baby in a corner says

    I get migraines too, they are horrible. I use the cool patches you get in the pharmacy. these sound similar but better cause they stay on better. If you get them badly ask your pharmacist about imigrain tablets too, they really work for me. Thanks for this!

  3. Jen says

    Oooooh…I’ve never had a full-blown migraine before, but suffer a lot from tension headaches, and the thing I find works best is 4head (little menthol stick that you rub on your forehead and behind the ears, it’s great because it’s not sticky or wet and doesn’t ruin your makeup when you use it over it!).
    However, I always prefer hot over cold, so these “facial STs” lol look like they would fit the bill!
    As for migraines, have you tried Migraleve pink and yellow? Or as Baby said above, Imigran are the strongest OTC products for migraines but the pharmacist will usually have to go through some questions with you first

  4. Li says

    Solpadeine* (it’s better than Boots own because it contains caffeine which apparently can aid the transport of pain relief — opens the bloodvessels up /oxygenates or something… although that might be the fizziness. I don’t know!)

    Can give you a hangover the next day but it’s the ONLY thing my friend and I have found that will enable you to carry on working / to stay sociable during a migraine. Juice is also rapidly rehydrating which I find will make quite a quick difference. And rice, for those of us who get horribly nauseous too, makes sure you’re not taking medicine on an empty stomach. Buccastem (two little tablets behind the top lip) will help with nausea too.

    I’ve had migraines since I was 9 and always take soluble painkillers for them. Aspirin/Alka-Seltzer/Solpadeine – taste disgusting but do the trick.

    * Please don’t take it if you have an addictive personality. Chemists are very helpful and there are alternatives which may suit better. I’ve never tried Imigran and would definitely seek medical advice before using something containing Sumatriptan.