What do you drink?

Over the last few weeks I seem to have accumulated tons of herbal teas on my desk at work. I have been actively trying to cut down on coffee and tea, since I am fairly allergic to dairy (but drink milk anyway) and have a very sensitive gut in general.

Sometimes there’s nothing like a glass of coke or a cup of tea though (for me anyway!) nevertheless, I have been opting to drink herbal teas throughout the day with 1-2 cups of coffee at work, max.

Although I have been getting caffine headaches, I feel better, I am less bloated, my skin feels clearer too. I remember reading about Oolong tea as some kind of weight loss tool and the packs of tea being sold at stupid prices. Duh! Oolong tea costs about 80p a packet and there is no shortage! Think about it – if you are drinking tea instead of eating cheetoes, obviously you will start to lose weight.

Here’s what’s on my desk.

Jasmine Tea is one of my favourites:


At work I can’t be bothered with the mess of loose leaf, so it has to be in a teabag. I find Oolong is quite bitter and overpowering in teabag form (and the same for a lot of green teas in teabag form, especially Twinnings version which is just disgustingly bitter). This pack was about £1.

B Tea from Whittards:


These come in a posh mesh teabag and in four types – Be Beautiful, Be Vitalized, Be Dreamy and Be Well.

I got mine from a discount store, 2 for £2 but otherwise they are a fairly pricey £4.50 for 20 bags.

The B Beautiful one is rather bitter and I’m not too keen. Be Vitalised isn’t bitter and quite fruity, not bad at all.

Birt & Tang Teas, Detox and Goji Berry:


I have only tried the Detox one and it’s a bit too tangy for me. The Goji berry one specifically says its tangy so god knows how sour it will be. I find it quite amusing that Goji berry is now seen as a superfood – my momma’s been putting it in soup for years!

They say the Goji tea is:

Gojiberry tea takes this superfood, a traditional ingredient in Chinese medicine and combines it with other warming herbs and antioxidant rich oolong tea. Goji berries are packed full of vitamin C, B vitamins, iron and beta-carotene so are the perfect nutritious addition to your traditional cup of tea.

All that eh!

I want to try their Puer and Magnolia teas, look interesting!

DHC Teas, powdered Green Tea and Umeboshi Plum:

Plum tea is for digestion and whets the appetite – green tea we know is full of anti oxidants and since I don’t want to use loose leaf at work and the tea bags taste awful, I opted for the powder version. Both very nice.

So tell me – what do you drink all day?

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  1. Elizabeth says

    Hello again! I too love a bit of herbal and fruit tea action. Echinacea plus by Dr. Stuart (from sainsburys) is one of my favourites which is really nice iced with a bit of blackcurrent as well! I have boxes of all the whittards B teas, b beautiful and b well are absolutely disgusting – like minty hops and with the most god awful of all ingredients fennel.. argh rancid! I also join you with digestive issues and have been diagnosed with crohns disease recently (well one consultant thinks its crohns the other doesn’t) so stick the soya milk. I also turned to Neals Yard remedies in desperate attempt to find something to cure me so am having a herbal tea with cleavers, chamomile, plantain and some other hippy crap! No luck so far but tastes quite lovely. x