What Arrived In The Post…


I am fast becoming bored of MAC – their colours can be so repetitive as is the design of the packaging. However, I have started to use more neutral browns and smokey colours as it’s getting closer to Winter. The quad from the Smoke Signals range caught my eye. There are 3 Ltd Shades and Satin Taupe in the corner is a permanent shade. I bet you could easily find three others that match the Ltd Ed colours from MAC! Nevertheless, its not bad value, as four shadows and the case would normally cost around £40.

What else came?

Ltd Edition Blush called Emote.

Its a matte, almost greying soft brown. I wanted it because I needed a good shading colour that doesnt look too orange or dirty on my skin so I can do some sculpting. So far I like this one a lot! £14

I also got 2 paint points – in Delphic (the blue – I have to have a blue of everything) and a black because apparently its a good base for bright colours.

Finally, as I am always adding to the Japanese collection, two Lunasol quads arrived as well as two liners in 02 Alexandrite, a true metallic brown and 05 Ruby, a reddy pink.

I have really grown towards warm colours lately. I love love both of these colours. The applicator is average to use – I still love pen liners the most.

Tomorrow I am collecting the 34 Shu Uemura eyeshadows I won on Ebay! I already have about 120 of them but I bid on that lot as Shu have discontinued a lot of shades lately so its great to get my hands on them!

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