What A Sick Idea! Sick Note Urban Gift Hampers Review

There’s nothing quite like giving someone a present; in my view it’s nicer than receiving a gift especially when you get it spot on.  I am a huge fan of buying presents and I do my best to think of something creative; no gift vouchers from Auntie Candy!

I was highly intrigued by the cute gift company, Sick Note – they have created gift bags for specific situations (you can also make custom ones) which they package up and send to your loved on.

Their packs are targeted to specific situations for example, The Hangover Pack, The Pamper Pack, The Cold and Flu Pack, The New Mum pack, The Expectant Mum Pack etc. 

I have the New Mum pack (even though I am not strictly a new mum any more!)

Sick Note Urban Gift Hampers Review

Let’s see what’s inside!

So inside this pack is:

Pukka 3 Fennel Tea

Elle Magazine (any glossy magazine can be selected)

The Organic Pharmacy Organic Glam Nail Polish of your choice

Neom Tranquility Bath Foam 

Bach Rescue Remedy

Mini Percy & Reed Dry Shampoo.

Sick Note Urban Gift Hampers Review 1

Each pack is sealed together with a sticker.  

Everything within the gift pack is high quality and branded – Neom, Organic Pharmacy, Pukka etc for me are high end brands that may not be known by everyone but have a luxury feel to them.  Certainly anyone who has an interest in beauty or organic products will know of some of the brands.

What A Sick Idea Sick Note Urban Gift Hampers Review

I love that they try to cover a bit of everything; pampering things, a magazine to read, some tea (fennel tea is excellent if you are breastfeeding and is actually one of my favourites), dry shampoo is of course because new mums lack time, and the polish is a bit of glam, but is free of nasty chemicals. 

This set costs £49.99 so a key question for me is, is this pack good value? Well..

(All prices are approx and depends on current google results!)

– Pukka Tea £2.19

– Tranquility Foam £20

– The Organic Pharmacy Polish £10

– Rescue Remedy £5.49

– Elle Magazine £4

– Mini Dry Shampoo £4

= £46.78p 

So, you could get the bits and pieces separately cheaper BUT you would have to pay for shipping for some of the items and it would then come to more. 

What it also comes with is the outside bag – it’s not a paper bag, it’s actually a foiled lined cool bag!

What A Sick Idea Sick Note Urban Gift Hampers Review 1

I actually really like this bag – I’d pay about £10 for it! It’s quite a large sized cool bag so it could be used as a lunch if you take quite a lot of food with you but also good for picnics.  It’s held together by really strong velcro at the top.  

Overall this gift idea is a really cool concept – i like it because for the price of a bouquet of flowers, you can send gifts that are useful and also are reusable and hopefully will last a white whereas flowers will disappear quite quickly.

What A Sick Idea Sick Note Urban Gift Hampers Review 2

My thoughts on each product.

– Pukka Tea  – love this, never tried Pukka’s before but this is really tasty and highly beneficial for producing more breastmilk. Unlike some breastfeeding teas, this doesn’t leave you with weird smelling…er….sweat.

– Tranquility Foam – Neom products are heavenly anyway and this is no exception. I don’t take many baths however, but i can see why it’s a bath foam rather than a shower gel. A candle would also be lovely as an alternative. 

– The Organic Pharmacy Polish – I like this polish and that it’s free from nasty ingredients.  I like that you get to pick a shade too. 

– Rescue Remedy – Not something I use often but I can see the logic towards this and will be using this again before bed time. 

– Elle Magazine – This is FULL of adverts, as is every glossy magazine these days.  It would be nice to have a larger selection actually…although I rarely buy magazines, if I have to, Instyle is usually more me. 

– Mini Dry Shampoo – Percy and Reed is more high end than Baptiste, I thought this was a decent dry shampoo although I will never be completely into the stuff. 

All in all this is a super cute set and I would definitely order one for a loved one rather than a bouquet of flowers. 

One last point – shipping in London is £6.99 and can be delivered in a few hours (depending on your post code) but the for the rest of the UK it’s £10.99 so this has to be taken into consideration when pricing this up as it obviously adds a fair amount to the total cost.  I wonder if they will consider using a cheaper courier in the future so the price could be reduced?  Just a thought – even though I know Royal Mail charges a fortune for parcels these days, it still bites! 

Buy this kit here (you can also browse the other kits!). 

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