Wet ‘n’ Wild Halloween Offer

Ooh I like Halloween, but

a. It’s not quite so big in the UK and

b. The women where I live look like witches anyway

For those of you who like to dress up and have nothing better to do, Wet ‘n’ Wild have a 20% offer:

The look:


    Extremely pale. We want you to look as if you have never stepped out into the sunlight…
    Try Ultimate Minerals Powder foundation in light where it is a powder you can lighten it further by adding a touch of fragrance free talc on application.

The Lips :

    The mouth is one of the most striking features on a vampire. That’s how they do their damage, after all!
    The deeper the red, the better.
    Try Silk finish Lipstick in Black Orchid
    Tip: with red lips, whether it’s a normal day or Halloween, you always want to use a liner. It bleeds otherwise. Choose a shade in either your natural lip colour or a shade that matches your lipstick.

The Eyes:

And don’t forget your nails Try wet n wild nail polish in Black Cream to complete the look.

I know, Wet ‘n’ Wild is cheepy anyway – why can’t Bobbi Brown send a few 20% vouchers, hmm?  I wish I had some grown up Halloween par-tays to go to but my day will consist of dressing a little brat up in a bin bag “Sweetie, I promise you look like a witch” and following her round in the freezing cold whilst she knocks on strangers doors begging for sweets and cash – and do you know what I normally get out of it?  Chilliblains and a Refersher lolly that someones had in their cupboard since 1998.

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