Wet ‘n’ Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection: Blue Had Me At Hello, Petal Pusher & Comfort Zone Swatches & Review

My gorgeous friend from Suka & Spice sent me a parcel of goodies, and inside included these three Wet ‘n’ Wild palettes I have been wanting for a while.

I simply adore the Wet ‘n’ Wild color* icon palette series. They are so cheap but highly pigmented.

*No ‘u’ even though I am British since the actual name of the palettes is spelt without it.

The color icon eyeshadow collections have a impressive 8 colours inside, plus they are generously sized, plus, they have instructions on the top (browbone, eyelid, crease, definer).

Here are the 3 palettes I received:

738 Comfort Zone:


Comfort zone is the most ‘natural’ of the palettes…It consists of brown, greens and white. The two browbone colours are cream and a off white, the eyelid colours are a peach and mint green. The crease colours is a mink brown, then a moss green, and the definers are chocolate brown and a brown-green (like MAC club).

This palette can be work in quite a natural fashion or quite a smoky one. You can emphasise the browns or the greens or mix it up!

This is a fab palette – I imagine it is useful for everyone:


Cor! Those swatches.

736 Petal Pusher:


Petal Pusher is a palette of plumps and pinks. It’s the weakest of the three palettes I have here for sure but it is absolutely not a waste of money – it is still a lovely palette.

The top 4 shades are the reason why the palettes are weak – the white, pink and lilac are a bit chalky and sheer. The bottom four shades are far more pigmented and the crease and definer have a shimmer in them.



737 Blue Had Me At Hello:


Being a blue and green loving girl, this palette is naturally, my favourite!

This has a mixture of icy white, icy blue, silver, hot turquoise, deep midnight blue, deep sapphire blue, matte black and black with silver glitter.



Blue had be at Hello is such a gorgeous palette! Just beautiful! The whites and silver are lovely, really metallic and the turquoise-green is the start of the palette.

All of the four lower shades are very pigmented, very rich in colour and soft. You could easily do a fresh eye or something quite smokey with this palette.


With these three palettes, you can’t go wrong. I believe these retail for around $4.99 which is just crazy good value – such a well put together set of colours, and lovely blendable shades.

If I had to look for cons, I’d say that these are quite delicate shadows and can crack easily with excessive force, and that some of the colours can be chalky but this is few and far between.

If you can get hold of these palettes, buy buy buy! You won’t regret it, and for a beginner I daresay you may cover nearly all the shades you need within these 3 palettes.

For everyone else, I’d say Comfort Zone is first choice. For me it is Blue Had Me At Hello even though it’s not a day palette. The weakest of the three is Petal Pusher but I still think it’s well worth the money.

Have you tried these palettes?

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  1. Daintynymph says

    I wore Petal Pusher last night! I did a quick fingertip swatch comparing the top three right with the left side of the Lust palette, and loved the right side eyelid shade. It made my eyes look super green.