Wendi Wednesday Giveaway: Win 5 x Nailene Adhesive Ultra Tabs & 5x W7 Crackle Polishes To Win

Fancy a quick giveaway? I have 5 x Nail Tabs and 5 x W7 Crackle polishes to giveaway to TEN readers.

Prize 1:

These Nailene Ultra Tabs look rather interesting. These are supposed to provide you with a super quick way of getting smooth, clean, clear nails. Nailene Tabs Cosmetic Candy

They say: Designed with a new technology, these acetone free, glue-free, stick-n tabs come with a peel off sheet making them easy to apply straight to your own nails with minimal fuss or mess.  Designed to wear for 5 hours or 5 days, these water-resistant tabs never dry out making them more comfortable to wear and there’s no smell, mess or remover.  To remove the nails, just slide them towards the tips of your fingers, roll of the adhesive and voila!

Next Prize…

I also have 5 of these crackles polishes (if you haven’t tried them yet!) for five readers. Colour chosen at random, may be silver, black or white.  W7 crackle

Method 1.

Answer this question:

This giveaway is called Wendi Wednesday, after Wendi Deng and THAT slap which was the nuttiest thing, ever. Nutty, because did you see her? It as pure instinct, she dived at the guy not knowing if he had a shaving foam pie in his hand or a knife. Roar.

So my question to you is this:

Not that I am promoting violence but if it came to it…would you defend your man by administering a slap to a potential attacker? If so, what what would your new nickname be?


I’d defend Mr C, sure, especially if he was…erm, 80.  I have no idea what they’d call me.  What rhymes with Row…oh how about….actually forget it.

Method 2.

Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

“RT @Cosmetic_Candy: Follow & RT to win Nailene Tabs or W7 Crackle Polish. Info: http://tinyurl.com/3s4dffb

*Note: if you change the tweet, it will not count as an entry.

Good Luck!

– Winners choosen in a week

– If you don’t reply in 48 hours it goes to the next person on the list

– Prizes have no cash value, you cannot get something else in lieu etc. etc. don’t take the mick





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  1. FionaLynne Edwards says

    Yeah – I suppose I would defend my other half – Fearful Figgy Gee they’d call me!

    I’ve retweeted @feefeegabor

    Thanks for another generous giveaway, honny x

  2. Daintynymph says

    If my boyfriend’s hands were full, or his back was turned (and thus I could react faster) to when whatever threatening thing was happening, I would absolutely jump in! I’d probably hit the assailant with whatever was close at hand at the time, or just punch/shove them.

  3. Jen says

    I would whack ’em over the head with my oversized bag full of junk…I always knew having an overfilled bag would come in handy! Just call me the Handbag Heroine haha

  4. Jane says

    Haha, thought Pow Row would be good for you!

    Since defending someone is more to do with instinct than any conscious thought, I can’t be 100% sure about my other half, since my feeling is that he should very well be able to take care of himself to be a man worth my trust.

    But someone I will defend without thinking would be my baby brother; it has happened before and it didn’t require a single moment of thought.

    Having said that, nothing very well rhymes with Jane;; maybe pain? Pain Jane??

  5. says

    I’d defend my other half by slapping somebody…But a slap seems a bit too girly for me, I’d much rather punch them (though I’d probably just break my knuckles and embarrass myself.) I’d be Lily the Kill-y? Typical Mancunian? Oh I don’t know….

  6. says

    Jen that’s genius- I think my nag is heavier than me sometimes!

    Of course I’d jump in to protect the people I love; I’d probably be laughed at given my height (a teeny 5ft 1) and nothing useful rhymes with Louise (cheese and peas are not good nicknames…)


  7. Fiona says

    Given that my other half is a foot taller than me, he’d probably die of shame if I defended him. However, I will go ballistic if I think my son is threatened. Call me Mama Bear!

  8. Kat says

    I will, totally, do anything to smack the sh*t out of anybody who takes my man down..name: Katslap! Roaaar! LOL

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  9. Irene says

    I don’t have a man right now, but I think I probably would defend him if I had one
    the nickname… I have really no idea!

  10. Tracy Nixon says

    I’m single too and have never hit anyone in my life! I am more likely to leave the room and slam the door behind me than slap! So it would e the door who gets a slap! My nickname could be ‘Off her hinges!’ x


  11. Kerrie says

    i think if he could sort it out himself i would leave him, if not, then i would be on it!

  12. says

    Of course I will protect my man…!! :) I think I will be called “Makcik” by then…which is “Auntie” in English

  13. says

    C-Pow inspired by Jwow from jersey shore ahaha. Even though I stand at a full 5ft I will defend myself and my man if anything ever happened :) even though I may not be much use….

  14. says

    i dont think i’ll ever have the chance to rescue my man from any form of violence lol but if i need to, i’ll pick the nearest chair to flung at whoever is attacking him..nickname for me: monster long hands? lol

    xoxo elle

  15. SARAH L says

    I wud defo i wudnt want 2 c him take a slap whilst his backs turned.I wud use my handbag as its so heavy with all the rubbish i keep in it :) x

  16. Vicky N says

    I would – although he can be quite argumentative he would be no good in a fight. Would say I was called vicious Vicky but I think that makes me sound a little evil and I’m not really :-)

  17. Nicole S. says

    Of course I would defend my other half, in a heart beat! Hmm what would they call me , probably “that crazy bitch” =)

  18. Rebecca Denyer says

    My boyfriend always teases me when we playfight and calls me “Basher Bex” so i guess I would have to have that, Theres no way I would ever sit back and watch anyone i knew getting abused certainly not my man.
    I really think his wife made a massive statement by defending him, he may not be in the right but he certainlky didnt deserve physical violence