Well that didn’t go very well: Jessops Customer Service

A few weeks ago, some PR offered me a voucher to spend at Jessops so that I could order some Christmas photo gifts and if I was happy with them, report back to you guys.

Well…I’m not particularly happy with it but I am telling you anyway.

So I could choose two small photo items – I picked a snow globe (£4) with a picture of my family’s newest addition, and a Linen cloth bag (£5) with a picture of my kitty.


The premise is simple. Go online, upload your images, then you can choose to have the item delivered or pick it up in store. As the local Jessops store is just round the corner from me, I decided to get it sent there.

So the uploading and ordering process is fine. The prices, at this point seem fine (as a Christmas gift, pretty affordable).*

*I don’t actually like getting Photo gifts myself – why do I want to stare at my face or anyone else’s (with the exception of creatures with paws) for any permanent length of time? Why do I want to be supping on my Nescafe Gold Blend and looking at my second cousins face whilst I drink it?

I was once given a calendar as a gift and every month of the year had a face of someone…I didn’t really want to be reminded of. This person even quizzed Mr Candy to make sure we had the calendar up (we didn’t) – by asking whose photo was various months. Narcissistic? Probably. Sadistic? yes.

The problems began when I went into the (tiny) store to collect my items.

The store I went to seem to have hired what I can only describe as a gaggle of overgrown teenage metalheads/scruff bags/geeks in desperate need of a shave and a vigorous shake to wake them up a bit.

So – flumped in, as I do, with my order number in hand and one of the boys (there’s about 5 of them in an empty store) hands me my snow globe.

“There’s a linen bag too” I add.

“A what?”

“A bag”

“A linen..?”

“A linen bag?”

He looks at me bog eyed, like he’s never heard the word Linen before. What, your mum doesn’t shop at Marks’?

He flops about a bit, whilst I stand there, stomach rumbling, and starts yelling to the other artards guys in the back.


Eventually, Metalhead II comes over, reluctantly with a sulky face and starts moving things about.

“I don’t even know what a linen bag looks like”

“Neither do I, I’ve never ever seen one”

“Me neither”

[Me interjecting] “Won’t it be in packaging anyway?” [they ignore me]

“I bet its not here”

“No, I’ve never seen a linen bag before”

“Me neither”

At this point, I see my life flashing before me……..the children I will never get to birth and torture with make up application lessons, winning Frazzle eating champion of the decade, circa 2020, dumping Mr Candy to marry Wentworth Miller….its all happening.


“Look – shall I just take the snow globe and come back when you’ve found the bag?”

“Mmmm that’s if we can find it”

[Metalhead II comes back, he’s the annoying one] “Are you sure you ordered the items together?”


“So you only got one order number”


“And you ordered them at the same time?”


“In the same place”

“From my sofa”

“Well on this sheet [shuffles some paper] it says you only ordered one thing. If you ordered two, it would say 1 of 2″

“I can show you the invoice I have on my phone, I’m not lying”

“Nah, nah I’m not saying that you are…[trails off….reads the piece of paper properly]..oh yeah it does say 1 of 2.”

This goes on and on and on before finally, we agree to what I said originally – IF the bag came in, they would give me a call. IF. Comforting customer service isn’t it. Remember that theoretically, I had already paid for the items so I don’t see how “if” comes into it.

“If” what you have already paid for comes in, you can have it. Riggghhhtttt.

So – to Metalhead I’s credit, he does indeed ring my back afterwards and the next day to tell me the bag has arrived. I go in to collect it – and this is what annoyed the hell out of me….


Metalhead II was busy chatting up a redhead (a member of staff) so when I turned up for my bag he grabbed it and tossed it at me even though my hand was outstretched….

“I thought you were familiar” he said, without any apology, before turning his attentions back to the girl.

And that was what grated me. I hate having things tossed at me especially when I have reached out to receive it. Its rude. I’ve worked in retail, and its always an impolite gesture.

He didn’t say sorry, he didn’t offer me a bag, he didn’t say hi or bye – he made out like I was the trouble causer. Rude, rude little Metalhead.

Oh yes – now the products themselves.

I have to truthful here. Whilst the prices are very good, because there are SO many other companies offering this kind of service I can’t say Jessops range is particularly good. Why?

1. The Snow Globe

Ironically, I had seen empty snow globes for 99p at Home Bargains (a discount store on the UK) the day before. You cut your own photos down and put them in – very easy.

What I was expecting from Jessops, since they charge £3 more (and delivery if you have it sent to you) was that it would be nicely boxed (it comes in a plain inoffensive cardboard box) and the pictures would be precision cut and put into the globe.

Instead you get:

1. A empty snow globe (remember these can be bought for 99p)

2. Your photograph printed in a rectangle shape (you get the image twice so you can put it in back to front) but you need to cut this into the round dome shape yourself and put it into the globe.

3. The factory packed box.


So basically – they are supplying the globe and the photo printed out. Because….you can’t just take the photo you want and cut it out yourself to fit, can you? Oh wait. You can.

2. The LINEN Bag

The bag is better – its fairly spacious (bigger than A4) but is thin so not as strong as I’d like. Its a short strap so needs to be hand held.

Its pretty hard printing on a bag at home effectively (unless you use the iron on transfers and they look pretty crappy and don’t last in the wash) so in a way, this service is worth paying for.

HOWEVER – the photo I chose was bright and in the printing process, it turned mega dull. No where as nice as I was expecting and there are also some black spotting marks on that area.


Worth paying for a pro to print on a bag for you, but maybe not Jessops as there is a lack of quality control.


I don’t care if I got it for free – its the principle of it, someone else is going to pay for these items and it really should be better (the product and the service).

Have you had some poop service lately? I bet you have…let me know in the comments!

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  1. says

    Haha…metalheads…I wish could handles stuff like you, most of the time I would try very hard not sound like an ass because I am afraid that they would reveal my address or spam my mail box …Sometime the PR is just too nice for me to be sarcastic.

    Back in September a sales manager of a company offered some handcraft tools for me to review after seeing a review of a horn comb I have done…I told him that if he doesn’t mind the packaging taking forever to get here and I take forever to take pictures and review, I would love to try some free toys…Anyway, he Ok-ed and I gave him shipping address…

    A whole month later. I received an e-mail “Mr.XXX (yes, he thinks I am a guy) we will ship those to you!” At the point I was a tad bit irritate that it took him a whole month to just e-mail back.

    Another month later. I received another e-mail. ” Sorry it has been a while, we will send you the stuff, you will compare it to the what you get from eBay, right?” Anyway, I never buy combs from eBay because I am worried about quality control, so I just told him that I have a handful of those, I would compare those to combs made by an established company, not some random ones online.

    I got no replys for 2 weeks so I was quite irritated and e-mail him back I don’t feel like “bargaining” with him for months and asked him to respect my time, this time I got a reply right away “Your e-mail got into the junk box”.


  2. Kassandra says

    I would love to see how many random kitty pics you have stored away on your computer lol! and even though I’m not really a cat person( don’t hit me 😛 ) I do love all the wee pictures, always give me a chuckle :)

  3. says

    Well… I’m a Metalhead, we’re not all so bad, honest. 😉

    However – I used to work for Jessops, many, many moons ago, and your review gladdens my heart. They were an awful company to work for, treated their very best staff poorly, and were more focussed on employing cheap workers than employing good workers who knew what they were talking about. Needless to say the company is in the toilet bowl, desperately hanging on to the the rim and trying not to be flushed away. Me thinks it won’t succeed. 😉