November @ Cosmetic Candy

Dear Ladies (and Gents),

Can you believe we are well into November? My birthday is on the 20th and I am feeling old.  No plans for the day (unless anyone wants to surprise me, hint hint) perhaps I should take the day off work and book into a salon, get my hair done etc?

This month I am loving Chanel’s Brun Lame LE Liner, Nars Jolie Poupee and everything else on that counter and looking forward to receiving some goodies from Taiwan (brand Cinder&Rella) and some Kat Von D eyeshadows that I paid wayyyy over the Sephora price for.  Argh!  Christmas palette wise, nothing grabs me although I am sure I will pick up the RMK gold clutch and some Suqqu.

I am also going to start working on the swatch-o-meter and gallery of my collection – should be useful for you readers, although it’s going to take some time as I want there to be a picture of the item, a swatch and trust me, you do get sore lips after rubbing off 10 shades or more…I am also working on a proper online store too.

Are you enjoying November?

Peace & Love, Peace & Love,


p.s. Megan may be making a very special apperance indeed – let’s just say she’s temporarily put her kabuki brush down and picked up a mic…

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  1. says

    I love november!! Everything starts to look a bit like Xmas around here (*-*)
    I think going to a salon in your birthday can be a really good idea! Let them pamper you 😀 , after all you deserve some beauty splurgin’ in your birthday.

  2. Li says

    Yeah!I have just taken advantage of all the promotions in Debenhams. First Guerlain and the BEAUTIFUL Ombres Eclat Mysterious Butterfly pallette. Love it. They gave me samples and money off vouchers so then I got 50 pounds worth of Benefit for 40. The new Powderflage which is I think will suit me perfectly and the Betty Gift Set. They also gave me a free lip gloss.

    I love Debenhams Beauty – they always give great customer service here in Cambridge. I had a look at the Dior pallettes. Pretty cool, one colour in particular – the two tone blue shade – was lush, but not enough variation for me. The same with Givenchy.

    Then to Boots where there’s the NO7 promotion, I like the oyster shell case – perfect for jewellery.

    AND I just got back and my dad has ordered Kevyn Aucoin’s The Art of Make Up. Can’t wait.

    Christmas has come early!

  3. Row says

    Hi Eru!

    How are you? I love November too although its a crazy birthday month for me. I like the feeling in December cos everyone is kinda chilled and in a good mood too! I think I will book in the salon; pedicure, manicure, massage, facial, yeah!

  4. Row says

    Hey Li!

    Woah that’s some hauling going on isn’t it! You know the Debenhams in Manchester is pretty poor unfortunately – lots of disinterested staff. Selfridges is the place to go in Manc for the best service! I bought my Dior stuff from Boots (for the points) and Kendals (house of fraser) because the Sparkle lipgloss was sold out everywhere. I am getting a back up of it and the Pink Essence gloss too which is STUNNING!

  5. Li says

    I don’t know, i get UO Us cos I’ve got family out there who send it on, if you know someone you could ask them?? I like the Gingerbread Kitty :)