Weight Loss Update – February

So I mentioned last week I was trying out the Harcombe diet which on paper sounded easy. No carbs, no sugars, no tea or coffee, no milk…and a whole host of other things which make life worth living.

Anyway here’s a few things that have been helping me (I say that but the scales will tell me the truth on Friday!).

This is Baby Gomez, who is now 18 months. She (yes She) is a snacker. Crisps, chocolate, coke.

diets baby cookie jar.jpg

Anyway, just quickly a few things that I’ve been taking and have been helping with project weight loss.

I hope to lose a fair amount of weight – unfortunately I carry fat quite well so in a sense it takes away the motivation to go on a strict diet but I am determined! Pig Farmers everywhere! Watch your profits drop!

Things I have been taking/eating –

1. Pukka Weight Balance Supplements

pukka herbs weight balance.jpg

There are so many supplements around, at the moment I am taking these Pukka ones because they are specifically to aide with weight loss and are quite natural.


pukka weight balance.jpg

I dig Pukka – they have some nice teas too.

2. Teas!

I love loose leaf green tea (soooooooo much nicer than tea bagged green tea I promise you).

I also like Oolong Tea which is a Chinese tea – its been touted on the internet for quite a lot of money but just buy this from the Chinese supermarket for 80p. You get a big box, it lasts forever.

I also have been drinking this:

pukka mint tea.jpg

Pukka 3 mint tea (not plugging Pukka by the way) – I like this with a squeeze of honey but also because I haven’t seen many mint teas that are a blend of 3 kinds of leaf.

3. Agave Nectar

I don’t want to have white sugar and I don’t want to have artificial sweetner (nasty stuff) so I found this Agave Nectar at Holland & Barrett. Its mega sweet so you only need a bit.

The Groovy Food Company Organic Agave Nectar, Rich 250ml from GoodnessDirect.jpg

There’s debate on the internet as to whether this stuff is actually as natural as they say – I’m not 100% sure on this but I know I prefer it to white sugar and sweetener anyway. It also has a low GI and tastes quite nice (Not that i’ve been licking it from the tube…..)

Ok so not a madly comprehensive list, but it has only been a week – I just wanted to share with you some of the things I have been trying out and hopefully, all of this will pay off!

Are you on a diet or have you dieted? Do you have any products or tips you can share?

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  1. Nina says

    I have tried going on a 3-day diet following a strict menu of things to eat. It was quite painful as the portions weren’t enough to satisfy my hunger and basically I didn’t lose any weight. Right now I’m avoiding sodas but I can’t stay away from sugar. I still add a teaspoon to my tea and I drink loads of tea everyday. When I snack I try to take healthier options like salads and yogurt topped with fruit but sometimes I just want to pig out so I give in every once in a while. My biggest enemy is midnight snacking because I sleep pretty late.

    • Row says

      Hi Nina!

      I have been very bad and have had lots and lots of sugar today :o( I have cut down a load on carbs tho and I also eat very late!