Weekly Chit Chat – 1st November 209

So, this week….


I used Rusk Eliminate Hair Dye remover (again) to take out some black hair dye which was supposed to be a Semi Permanent. My hair went distinctly orange, so I dyed over it with an Ashy dye from (this one):

01_g_ash_pic01.jpg (JPEG Image, 227x214 pixels).jpg

and its now, for the first time in months, just fine.

– I caught some of the Shu Uemura Tsumori Chisato collection at a local counter and its just gorgeous.

I’ve had bits of good news, nothing I can mention here, but its all upwards and onwards, baby!

My Alexander Wang bag and Tiffa Eyeliners are arriving, but as they are International packages, its going to take weeks….

I love November! And its November today, hurrah!

crap couriers.jpg

You know that warm feeling you get when a baby smiles at you, or you see your loved one after weeks away? I get the same feeling when my post arrives. Post…beloved post mountain…how you hold much wonder and bubble wrap.

Anyway, Royal Mail are striking (and it seems, drop kicking parcels)…not great at this time of year and to make things worse, the couriers are just as lame.

I’m looking you Home Delivery Network and DHL. My MAC order “Guaranteed” and my ASOS orders went AWOL….so much for “not worrying about the strike” because the couriers have the task at hand. Methinks there’s a little too much work, more than these places can handle.

But it goes to show that when it comes down to it, Royal Mail have the vast amount of post to deal with, and have such an incredible infrastructure that in reality, it is nearly impossible for anyone else to imitate.

Hopefully they will sort things out. I have faith!

Speaking of bad service I’ve noticed more and more retailers think that its ok to just not respond to a customer. I got contacts from a company called Four Eyez who didn’t reply, nor did Beautybay.com.

Are we still in that decade? Where it was ok for someone to ignore a customer? Needless to say, these days I am pretty intolerant and places that can’t even be bothered to shoot back a quick reply won’t be getting my business again.

Tell me…..How was your week?

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    • Row says

      Hi Cargolover

      I got it from the US of A, check out Neiman Marcus and Saks, they have some left :o/