Weekend Ramblings

Hey – how’s your week been? Mine has been fragmented and somewhat discerning. Nevertheless, we can only keep our chin up and keep going, no?

Today the Wii Fit was released in the UK. Of course I got my greasy mitts on one:

I haven’t played with it yet because I’m too lazy to plug it in. What do you mean, how do I expect to do the daily exercises then ? I will, ok, I just will.

There has been a lot of debate as to whether its actually a feasible tool for exercise.

Well – not if your a hardcore gym goer, no.

If you can do 200 press ups, no.

But if you are like me, and you’d rather squirt foamy custard up your nose than go to the gym, then this is great.

Its exercise as fun games. Love Wii Sports? You’ll adore this.

I can’t to wait to give it ago and shame myself when I find out what my true bodyweight is.

Meanwhile, i still need help with names for these two. Considering the boyf wants to call them (both girls) – Frog and CJ7, is not a good sign.

Help! any suggestions?

Grey is an intrepid adventurer. I want to call her Electra…

Ginger is very sociable and a bit naughty. I quite liked Bella Donna until I found out Bella Donna is a porn star – my kitty may be naughty, but she ain’t no ho.

The sky is getting dark, and I’ve had a longggg day. I need to make this weekend a super hard working one so I need to ban myself from the internet. Its a killer for productivity.

I shall leave you with this vision:

Mariah, Mariah. You are a ho, fo’ sho’….

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  1. MandyPandy says

    I hate to break it to you, but Carmen Electra is a ho, too. Best stick w/ ‘Frog’ for now.

  2. MandyPandy says

    On second thought, you should definitely give the grey one a ho name; check out her pose in that photo. Homegirl has skills. She should totally post those pics up on her Myspace page; methinks she’ll be popular with the lads.

    Seriously though, they should have a book of names for pets; they’d be just like those baby-names books, only more fun. Plus, if you run out of inspiration for your baby’s name, you could always go through the pet-names book. “Mr. Tinkles” has a quite a ring to it.