Week 2 Dukan Diet Update: The Cruise Phase and Current Weight Loss

So I am just past week 2 of the Dukan Diet (see part 1 here).

Not much to report really. I am now in the cruise phase which is one day of proteins only and one day of vegetables and proteins (obviously no potatoes or anything starchy).


I have totally cheated. I have had vegetables with my meals every day this week, and hell – I even had some sweets and rice on one of the days.

But what I did notice when I had these “transgressions” – there was no rush, no euphoria as I ate the disgustingly cold rice (thanks Barburrito) with some random meat. I had some sweets – meh. I’ve had 2 almond croissants in the Kitchen for days and I so far, have no urge to eat them.

Normally when I am on a diet, these types of food call me, they tease me, they shake their moneymakers in my face until bite the bullet and stuff them in my gob. Now, I am indifferent.

Has this diet has made me hate food – or has food lost some kind of power over me?

I don’t know.

Other things I’ve noticed this week:

1. Sleep is bad

Well not EVERY night, but mid week I was tossing and turning – someone who goes to bed at 4am and wakes at 8am should not have a problem sleeping but I did.

2. Skin is soft

Wow – the skin on my body is like a baby’s bottom. So soft so smooth, I am going to start charging people who want to cop a feel. The skin of my face is better too.

3. Eating banned foods or eating too much hurts

When I ate the small quantity of rice, I ended up with the worst gas buildup and OUCH! So much stomach pain. It’s like my body doesn’t want carbs and the like in here anymore.

And, a small amount of carbs made me bloat like nobodies business. URGH.

And constipation…I’ll say no more.

4. Dukan Desserts are rubbish

If you bought the Dukan Recipe book you will notice that the deserts are a ROYAL WASTE OF TIME. So I gave up. Yoghurts it is.

5. Food shopping is so expensive!

Last food bill was DOUBLE because lean ham and chicken, (lean cuts of anything is expensive) eggs, fish is EXPENSIVE. There is still a Mr C to feed so I bought him lots of tinned hotdogs – he seems to like that, bless him.

Anyway, I am adapting the Dukan diet to my own ends – my new philosophy: stick to proteins where possible and some good veg and carry on using sweeteners and avoiding obviously bad food (like burgers, crisps, chocolate and really fatty stuff).

However, proteins only is a killer hence I will keep having a bit of veg each day but still omitting carbs, which I am not really missing. I mean, people lose tons of weight just by cutting out carbs so I don’t see why I have to leave out the carbs AND vegetables.

Weight loss this week is -4lbs.

So I am on track. I need to do some exercise really to speed things along and get into SHAPE, which is not quite the same as just dropping the lard.

Have you tried Dukan?

How are you guys getting along with your diets, if you are dieting?

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  1. ivana stillhumpalot says

    This is so so so good news. You cheated and you still lost 4 pounds.
    When I am being a good girl, (we’re talking 1200 calories here) sometimes I just lose one pound, or sometimes I don’t even lose anything
    #fml :(
    but yeah keep it up.
    Cant do the dukan diet, too expensive i think for me.
    I love the effect it has on you about not wanting to eat lots of carbs
    This is like a miracle really. I didnt think this would be possible.
    all the best xx

  2. Ailsa says

    This article just came in at the right time for me. Been on Dukan doe a whole 11 hours and already bored. Perfect insiration to keep going for a few more days!

  3. says

    Wow – 4lbs in one week and all the while you were eating off diet!?
    Gonna spend the evening researching this diet, and have a sneaky feeling I HAVE to do this!
    Is it really tough to do? Let me know, but I guess I’ll find out. :-)

  4. Anna says

    Aw this is brilliant! Me and the Boy are starting the diet tomorrow and I was a bit suspicious of its claims but this has set my mind at rest. MON THE DUKAN DIET!!! :)

  5. Emma says

    Hey there! I heard about this diet at a party on Friday night, started on Saturday and lost 5lbs in 2 days of attack…. (and i had to come off it a bit too- dinner at boyfriends mums. had cake too. and a slurpee). I spent on average £15 a day ( $26) a day for me and my boyfriend. Fish has been my saving grace. I love this diet. Mackerel, Salmon etc are actually pretty good. Am on a protein and veggie day today. Salmon and asparagus for brunch! I loved it. I don’t think i’m drinking enough water but your suggestion was great. Also amazed that even if you fall off the wagon a little bit its still ok. Maybe not as effective if falling off wagon but still brilliant. I work at a hotel and work 12-16 hour days so finding time to eat might be tough and have felt hungry quite a lot. I am bored with eating tho. Its something I need to do tho. My ideal Dukan weight is 11st 8lbs so am needing to lose 4stone. email me if you fancy a chatter! ps. love the cat pictures.

  6. micka says

    Hi all

    im on the dukan diet day 9 on the attack phase. I went from 15st 1lbs to 14st 5lbs im scard to move on to the next step incase i stop loseing LOL but i will in the moring. like you i have cheated a few time as i have to boys under 3 its hard not 2 but to be honest after eating sweets or cake i felt like i dnt need it at all ( looks nicer than it taste) which is great hopefuly i stick it out this week. so well done to all and good luck!

  7. Rosa says


    I am so glad to hear that carbs are not just a killer for me. It is nearly 1 am and I am up with the worst tummy ache…I ate a little bit of potatoes for dinner this evening and I will never do it again! I cannot wait for this stomach pain to go away. On the upside I have lost 8 lbs in less than 2 weeks! I will continue on my Dukan journey but I will definitely be sticking to the program and avoiding the carbs. Good luck to ya’ll.

  8. mulebac says

    Hey guys i am on day 10 of the attack phase and I am down 8.4 pounds.. so shocking but its really motivating!!! I gearing up for the cruise phase!!! i hope it will go well!! Good luck to you all!!