Tuesday Giveaway: Skinfood Banana Yoghurt Mask

Its 10 days of giveaways girls, as I attempt to hand out some booty and free up some space for that pony I’ve been saving up for! International readers welcome and you may enter as many giveaways as you like.

Also look out for our 10 day Sleek palette giveaway running til the 20th November!

All winners announced on the 23rd November.

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The Prize: I bought 2 of these so I have decided to give someone a real treat! This creamy Banana Yoghurt mask is wash off, great for all skin types but especially nourishing for dry skins.

The Question:Every year I make New Years resolutions, and every year I give up by the time it gets to March….

I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to reflect and ponder. This year, I am going to spend that week after Christmas, after everyone is stuffed to the gills and overrun with gifts to sell on eBay, just to think and look at what I have done in the past year, and what really needs to be done in 2010.

With this in mind –

When you think back to this last year that will be ending soon, what are you happy that you have done or achieved? And what do you wish you hadn’t done?

A serious question, I know!


Let’s see – I am happy that I invested all this time and energy into this blog and that people actually read it!

I still have lots and lots of ideas – not just for this blog but for all my projects. The day when I can’t think anymore, when I can’t pull together something out of nothing will be a sad day.

I wish I hadn’t been so easily distracted sometimes – I am always pushing deadlines, burning the midnight oil because I probably spent too much time on eBay….I also wish I had bought a lot, lot less.

Tell me in the comments!

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  1. kirkichi says

    Looking back on the last year, I’m very proud of myself for accepting that I need help with my depression. I’m still working hard to feel better, but at least I’m now getting the help I needed.

    Like you, I wish I hadn’t pushed deadlines… But that doesn’t seem set to change. Old habits die hard, I guess :/

  2. Dora says

    I am so very happy that I got to spend time before my dear nana past away.
    I know I shouldnt eat chocolate and junk cause it makes me sick ,but this year i have feelt better for changing that bad habit.

  3. says

    When you think back to this last year that will be ending soon, what are you happy that you have done or achieved? And what do you wish you hadn’t done?

    I said in year 2004, i will swim 12 times in a year.. never archieved it. This year i managed to go to the gym 2-3 times a week, I never did so much exercise ever and feel food about it. All for 1 thing. called wedding

    I wish I didn’t make all the arrangement for my wedding which is a 1 yr away. Was far too excited and nearly arrange everything i need, so now. i have a nothing to do bridezilla

  4. Inês says

    For me, it’s the fruits of my relationship. I’ve started dating this wonderful guy a year ago (on 18 November 2008), and he’s become my everything. Even if this isn’t a new year resolution of something, it’s the first year I’ve spent with him, and that’s what I think of 2009 :)

  5. Jo B says

    I am glad I got to travel to my Nanny funeral last year as I missed my Uncle, it was a sad time, but nice to be with family.
    I am also happy I have achieved a better level of health this year, wish I hadnt given into eatin bacon sandwiches late at night though!!

  6. says

    Sounds pathetic, but I was so happy that school is halfway over at the end of the year. I’m just to tired with school and I’m ready to start of new. I wished I actually got the chance to talk to the boy I liked :X

  7. says

    For 2009 I’m glad to have gotten the chance to go away with the bf on vacation. I do regret overshopping a bit though…

  8. Heather says

    I am happy that I signed up online to get my International Certification in TESOL.

    I regret getting so stressed out about wedding planning.

  9. kelily says

    Hmm, I’m happy that I finally gave up biting and picking at my nails. They were so embarrassing and ragged and would bleed when they got really bad. *blush* Now I keep them always polished and well-manicured. I feel like an adult!

    I wish I hadn’t gotten so lazy about my eating habits this year. All this Halloween candy around the house is not helping! 😛

  10. Halifax says

    I started my blog this year, which I’m glad I did. Wish I didn’t spend too much so I could have a good budget for IMATS :-)

  11. says

    I bought the Skinfood Pineapple Peeling Gel on your recommendation & LOVED it. I can’t get my hands on anything else Skinfood now as my mother is safely back home… sigh.
    Let’s start off with the bad & end off with the good. I wish I hadn’t of let my bestfriend go but I was so tired of being taken for granted for & used… However, I’m glad that I successfully graduated & got into the college of my choice. I wish I could make my parent’s prouder by getting into university but school is school!

  12. says

    Gladly I finished college in time and got excellent marks on my diploma works! also, started college again, and now I’m aiming for my 3rd and 4th diploma. I’m crazy, I know!
    What I regret? I didn’t work harder on finding a part time job to be able to spend for my heart’s content and help my Mom out, who’s in a financial crisis now T_T Maybe next year? =)

  13. says

    I’ve been going to the gym on a regular basis and am in much better shape than before, so I’m really proud about that.

    I regret procrastinating so often, and I fear that I’ll be sorry for it later.

  14. Alli says

    I am so proud of myself for eating right and clearing up my skin. Now I don’t have to use as much concealer and foundation.
    However, I am not without faults, I wish I hadn’t splurged all that moolah on Lancome’s mascaras. But they WERE amazing! 😀

  15. Gabriela says

    I have spend good moments with the people that I love, which is great.
    I haven`t find a job yet and I think that this year I will not because I`m architect and the construction is in crisis now.

  16. Jan says

    I made it into a uni test-drive course! It consisted of 2 interviews, an impromptu speech and a leadership activity and I made it!! YAYYY!

    I regret not having spent the time I spend on facebook on homework :)

  17. says

    I’m so glad and blessed that I got to relax and travel a lot this year…but, I regret not having had worked harder to earn more monnayyy….I guess I couldn’t do both anyways!

  18. Teressa says

    I am happy I finished my degree this year but I still have to study and that I am still procrastinating crazy…. 😛 so I wish I wasn’t that lazy this year and hopefully won’t be next year!!! hehehe

  19. Rachel says

    I’m glad that I got the opportunity to travel to countries like Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium etc. I’ve learn so much about European history and I started appreciating the difference in cultures and what makes us unique.

    I wish I had started working on my dissertation during the summer. If I did that, I would be at ease now.

  20. Pinny says

    I am so happy that I found many great beauty gurus on their blogs and youtube videos, that I learnt awful a lot on make-up.
    I wish I hadn’t spent so much time on it… now I couldn’t stop myself… urrr

  21. diskogal says

    I’m very glad I finally started going to the gym (I hope I keep doing it next year too!)
    As for the one thing I wish I could change, that’s probably my sleeping schedule! And I wish I was a little bit more organized too…