Wednesday Giveaway: Collection 2000 Mascara & Metallics

Its 10 days of giveaways girls, as I attempt to hand out some booty and free up some space for that pony I’ve been saving up for! International readers welcome and you may enter as many giveaways as you like. All winners announced on the 23rd November.

collagen metallics .jpg

The Prize: 1 x Collection 2000 Collagen Curl Mascara and 2 metallics liquid eyeliners.

The Question:Boring one this, but I am interested, mainly because I find it hard to answer. What’s your favourite film?


Its hard to choose, baby, but for Comedy – Wayne’s World, for Musicals – Copacabana, Animation – Spirited Away and Goodfellas for my overall choice!

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  1. Mine is Les Choristes- a french film set in a rebel school- full of kids that are punished all the time- etc., then this choir teacher comes- and introduces a new, compassionate way of teaching- he discovers the boys’ love for music, and helps form a choir which serves in disciplining the boys, as well as giving them a higher self esteem. eventually they manage to sing for the governess- the ending is so sad though, but i’m not going to ruin it! i cried… and cried…
    one of my favourite films of all time :)

  2. Very hard indeed.. erm maybe something hilarious like Get Smart~

  3. Father of the Bride. I know its cheesy and old but I love it!!

  4. lol!!! i’m not sure you know this actor… but I love his movies… Stephen Chow? =x

    I’ll have to say all his movies are my favs… :p

  5. Love Spirited Away! But also love Children of Heaven (Iran) and Postmen in the Mountains (China)

  6. I never get sick of watching Die Hard 3. Haha!

  7. i love happy together by wong kar wai :) its beautiful, and tony leung/leslie cheung are fabulous in it

  8. I love Bridget Jones’ Diary! I can watch it over and over and not get sick of it. :)

  9. I love van helsing and twilight and that kind of films. but I must say I also really love fried green tomatoes

  10. My favorite romantic movie is Serendipity! My favorite comedy is Never Been Kissed!

  11. I love “Love actually”. I also love any Jane Austen adaptation.

  12. its gotta be between schindlers list or the beatles film help!

  13. I love The Notebook and Moulin Rouge. I never get tired of watching them.

  14. The Life Aquatic and Everyone Say I Love You. There’s more but I can’t list all of them here 😛

  15. The Life Aquatic and Everyone Says I Love You. There’s more but I can’t list all of them here 😛

  16. My favorite film is Amelie. I love this film, it`s great and unique because it mixes romance and madness with a unique French ambience.

  17. This is really hard to pick! I have the humor of a 12 year old boy though, so I have to say Anchorman.

    “I love lamp!”

  18. Moulin Rouge. Ewan McGregor *swoon*

  19. Mine’s has to be a French film called “A Very Long Engagement” (Un Long dimanche finacailles.. I think that’s the spelling, eee!)
    UGH So beautiful. SO SO SO beautiful. It’s about a woman’s undying love for her childhood love and soon to be hubby in the WWII times. Seriously, this is a film that tugs at your heartstrings!

  20. juno ftw!

  21. Moulin Rouge forever!
    I found it funny and provocative and absolutely enchanting

  22. As much as I love Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist…. Moulin Rouge is my guilty love & addiction. Well ugh now I’m thinking about Up…. I can’t choose! Ok fine it’s Up. I love Up!

  23. When I was a child, apparently Snow White. I played it on the video player so often that the player died.

  24. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind & Taken

  25. My Sassy Girl (original korean version) , i watched it over and over, dont laugh i watch it over 20x ridiculous of me, my sister and i loved this movie

  26. I think it has to be My Neighbour Totoro. Brings back so many memories of my childhood and gives me such a warm feeling every time I watch it. <3

  27. Underworld. I can watch it over and over again

  28. Comedy – The Wedding Date
    Musical – Calamity Jane / Newsies
    Animation – The Chipmunk Adventure
    Drama – Memoirs of a Geisha

    It’s so hard to narrow down! :)

  29. The lion king 😛

  30. How to lose a guy in 10 day 😛

  31. Pulp Fiction, My Fair Lady, Scarface

  32. PhiFiFoFum says:

    Howl’s Moving Castle 😀

  33. Back to the Future!

  34. its everafter.. i love this movie. must have watched like million times and other one is practical magic.. the magic of two sisters and how they shared a strong bond.. love love love it

  35. Little Miss sunshine.. it is a fresh perspective as compared to most movies i’ve watched.

  36. Fight Club, Labyrinth(David Bowie!!) and The Wedding Singer.