Wednesday Giveaway: 5 x Nailene Studio Nails in Red

Even though I have never used fake nails before, even I oohed when I saw this very shiny deep red stick on nail set from Nailene!  How gorgeous is that red?Nailene red nails

I also love the fact that they are a short, squared nail shape which is quite modern!  I have 5 packs of these to give away. Wanna win?

Simply answer this question in the comments:

Yesterday I ordered a language CD (I chose Arabic) just because I feel like this year, it’s really time to start learning new things and doing things I usually wouldn’t. I chose Arabic because I already studied languages like Spanish and French at school, also I already know a few Chinese dialects! Arabic is something quite challenging and totally different to other languages I’ve encountered.  According to one of my very best friends (who speaks Arabic), I got a gift for that sound you have to make from the throat!

So tell me, you could learn any new language, what would it be and why?

*Winners chosen in 2 weeks

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  1. says

    love the nails!
    I want to learn Spanish (i know not very unique!) because i love the sound of that language, i lov ethe words and everything baout it. I visit Spain so often that i would love to be able to communicate with the Spaniards, beisdes ordering myself a Sangria and table full of food!

  2. says

    I’d love to learn Spanish as I really want to travel around South America and it would be so much easier if I spoke some of the language.

  3. Jen says

    I wanna learn Korean and Japanese (love the way they both sound!) amongst many others, hope to visit both countries again in the future so it would come in handy. I used to have a real knack with languages, but I’m finding that as I get older, it’s harder to pick it up :(

  4. says

    I would learn Mandarin. I think that this language is becoming more popular in Asia especially when China is magnificently rising in almost all areas of courses.. The fact that I live in a global city, Singapore, Chinese people seems to be dominating the working world and I believe that learning their language would enable me to stay on par with them which allows me to remain competitive and perhaps render a more satisfying future. Cheers..!!! :)

  5. says

    I’ve actually started to learn a new language in the past few weeks- Polish! I’m going into teaching in an area with a lot of newly settled Polish immigrants and I know that the children often have difficulty settling into schools and fitting in because their command of English is poor.

  6. kiba385 says

    French – my sis-in-law is French and really should make more of an effort to learn her language

  7. Kelly Koya says

    Gujarati – it’s my husband’s first language, but it’s so difficult to learn I’ve never been able to really get my head around it!

  8. Hazel Wright says

    Francais sil vous plait! Je voudrais to live en Francais if my house should ever sell! Its a sort of daydream yet also a possibility!

  9. sam says

    Id learn the language of,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, man! As 37 years on and i still can’t understand one yet :)

  10. Clementina says

    I’d love to learn Twi. I’m married to a Ghanaian and would love to converse with my in-laws. They live in the village and speak no English. My husband has to translate. God knows what he tells them lol.

  11. Christine Northrop says

    I would love to learn Old Tibetan so I could go sand see the highest monasteries and maybe talk to the monks to see if the legend of the Yeti holds any truth

  12. emma hunt says

    it would have to be Spanish as my mum has a house out there and the last time i visited i tried to be cocky and ask for a chicken at the butchers in her village and i actually asked for a male private part!!!! lol Its true! never been so embarrassed when he kindly explained x

  13. Rebekah Powley says

    I’d pic Japanese, it’s so modern and I think learning all the symbols for their words would be really interesting and a real challenge! xxx

  14. JoC says

    Practically speaking probably Chinese would be fab but very hard to learn, but I’d love to be able to speak Elvish for fun and it sounds beautiful 😉

  15. Bev Davis says

    I’d love to learn polish as it sounds really nice and it seems to be the up and coming language to learn

  16. Claire says

    I would like to learn Spanish because my Dad’s family are from Northern Spain and it would be nice to understand what they are saying when they visit, as last time it was pretty difficult!

  17. tom baines says

    It would have to be Swahili, sure the kids speak it to me all the time and I never understand them, its either that or gobbuldy goog

  18. Mandy says

    I would like to learn greek so the waiter laughs at my wit rather than my terrible pronunciation when I return!

  19. Isabelle Smith says

    I’ve been trying to learn it in the little spare time i have.
    I wish i could speak it because its such a cool language. its so different! and I hope to be visiting japan soon

  20. Helen Grayson says

    I think I’d like to learn Latin.

    I’ve always wanted to learn it,I started at school, and wish I could have carried it on. I found it interesting and quite easy to pick up :)

  21. Karina Goldie says

    I think I would like to either learn Russian or Mandarin because both countries are big powerhouses and I think in the future years to come they could be very handy to have, a girl has to be practical as well as glamorous :)

  22. Alison Cameron says

    I would like to learn sign language as it would mean that I could communicate better and would be really useful

  23. Katie says

    I’d love to be able to speak Welsh. I’m Welsh, born and bred, and i can barely speak a word of it! It would be terrible if the Welsh language began to die out. I’ve made it my mission to ‘try’ and learn a few more words this year! Everyone should be proud of their heritage! :)

  24. Paula says

    I’d like to learn Welsh because I am looking for a job and a lot of the ones I want to apply for require you to speak welsh.

  25. Sheila Sloan says

    I would like to learn Turkish as we have an apartment in North Cyprus and it would be very useful to be able to talk to the locals in their own language.

  26. Lou Chambers says

    Would have to be welsh, we live just over the border of wales so our four children are all learning welsh at school & last month they even started muttering something to eachother in welsh , thats all I need to have four teenagers in the house with their own language! Help…. :))

  27. Katy says

    Think russian would be the most useful. I know, soumds weird right ! Well, apparently russia will have most of the food supply in the future so, as I want a future in business it might be useful to speak russian !! Other than that danish as I have a friend who is danish and she speaks complete english and I only speak two words of danish !!

  28. leanne phillips says

    I would love to learn Italian…Very sexy whispering sweets nothings to my husband in italian, I could recite my shopping list he would know no better but it would sound sultry anyway lol!

  29. Angie says

    It would have to be French and if I can get the accent too then all the better, after all it is the language of luuuurve!!

  30. Jane says

    I would like to learn French, I like songs by Jacques Brel and would love to be able to sing along.