Wednesday Giveaway: 10 GOSH Smokey Eyes Palettes to Win!

Aloha! For the first time in a while I have a little competition for you (and one on Friday!).

I have 10 of the new GOSH Smokey Eyes palettes to giveaway (shade of your choice).  These new palettes consist of 4 complementary shades and a guide to show you just how to apply it!

GOSH smokey eyes palette

There are 3 variations, Black, Brown and Plum. I will swatch and review these for you shortly!

Would you like to win one?

Just leave me a comment answering this question:

I am obsessed with fruit at the moment – I can’t get enough. So tell me what is your favourite fruit?

Also include the palette you would like to win (Black, Brown or Plum) in the comment.

I will pick the winners in 2 weeks.

(Gosh’s Twitter is @GOSHUK and they also have a Facebook page you can visit if you want to keep up to date with the brand:!/pages/Gosh-UK/137224756349645)

Ciao for now!

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  1. claire says

    my fav. fruit is grapes, as you can eat them like sweets.

    i’d like to win the brown one please.

  2. Chelsea says

    My favorite fruit is strawberries, because they’re the tastiest, and you don’t have to fiddle around with peeling or coring. That makes me sound super lazy, haha.

    I’d like the brown one best, if I were to win!

  3. says

    My favorite fruit is grapefruit. I love how it is sweet and bitter. One usually fills me up. I would like the black palette.

  4. Anna says

    My favourite fruit is banana! Fun fact: My brother had been allergic to bananas his whole life, until a while ago – after he’d tasted bananas for the first time, I asked him what it tasted like, and he said… Bananas! Now it’s his favourite fruit too :)
    I would love the plum one – purple is my favourite color :)

  5. says

    Favourite fruit? Lychee/litchee, hands down.
    It’s not good to eat all the time, according to Chinese medicine, but I love it! I’m a sucker for lychee juice and lychee flavoured stuff~

    plum looks gorgeous!

  6. Mandy says

    My favourite fruit is durian, no prizes for guessing where I come from, haha.
    I would love to win the brown one :)

  7. Jen says

    Love lychees, could eat them all day they’re so addictive!!

    I like the look of the plum palette 😀

  8. Dora P says

    I’ve been mad about fruit as well and my current top choice is pears with vanilla yoghurt! xx
    I’d love the black x

  9. Angela says

    I really love pineapple! I have been addicted to spinach, mango, banana, pineapple shakes for a few weeks now…nomnom. Pineapples make me think of the summer, it’s rainy now, so I can use some fruity sunshine ^__^

    I really like the brown palette.

  10. Anna says

    My favourite fruit are cherries! I love them, but I also love fruit in general, I eat a lot in a day 😀

  11. Nicola B says

    I love lychees. Yes they are a bit like cold eyeballs but they´re so sweet and delicious. I´d love to win the Black palette. Thanks!

  12. says

    My favorite fruit is mango because it’s so sweet and it goes well as a desert or with porkchops! Yes, porkchops!

    Also, I would like to win the brown palette. Thank you. =)

  13. Emmi says

    My favorite fruits are orange, strawberry, banana & grapes????

    Also, I would like to win the brown palette. Thank you. ????

  14. Denise says

    I love rock-melons! Sweet and juicy!

    I would love to try the plum palette. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. says

    My favorite fruit is tangerine. AND, the palette i would like to win is the plum one… Thank you for this giveaway!!

  16. Annika says

    Fruit is awesome. I love fruit salad with some granola and yogurt but the best fruit to eat on it’s own is a pomelo.

    The palettes look amazing. I’d love to try the plum or the brown.

  17. Helen says

    I’ve been getting into fruit lately, I really love Pineapple! I’d love to win the plum Palette. x

  18. lite says

    I love love love mango! in Italy it’s super hard to find the variety of mangos I used to easily have in Asia though :(
    I’d love to win the brown palette :)

  19. says

    My favourite fruit is pineapple…juicy and sweet with some zing, bright yellow and cheery – my gaming nicknames are usually pineapple-themed :)

    I’d love to win the brown palette, my current crappy one is running out and I need to invest in some nice brown shades soon!

  20. says

    My favourite fruit is mango! I’m so obsessed with it it’s almost unhealthy 😀

    I’d love to try the black palette!

  21. Katherine says

    I love pretty much all fruit but at the moment I am definitely lovin’ plums!

    So of course I would love to win the plum palette!

    Good luck to everyone!

  22. Emma says

    My work always supplies a big crate of fruit for everyone to eat each week, and I’m having a bit of a satsuma obsession going on because of it (they’re so easy to eat at my desk whilst working :D). Maybe that’s why I’m so in love with orange and coral shades of make up atm…?

    I’d love the plum palette!


  23. Jasmin says

    My favourite fruit at the moment is custard apple! When it’s sweet the taste is insane. So much better than a normal apple :)

    Gosh palette: Brown

  24. Jae Tan says

    Geezzz… I love apples, oranges, mangoes,and watermelon.. Choose a fav one? Gotta say apples. ^_^

  25. Sabina Cenusa says

    I would love to win the plum palette. Favourite fruit, well it has to be mango and strawberries 😀

  26. Lisa Brown says

    My favorite fruit are cherries…yum! I would love to win the plum or brown.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  27. says

    These look great, I don’t think I’ve ever tried GOSH before either!
    My favourite fruit has to be strawberries though I do love all things orange flavoured (esp smarties!)

    If I were to win, I’d love the brown palette x

  28. Anat Katz says

    My favourite fruit is cherries (the sweet ones).
    I’d like to win the Plum palette.
    Thank you.

  29. laura says

    I Love Bananas :) especialy when the’re frozen and dipped in chocolate :)

    I really like the Brown pallette 😀

  30. Darlene Taylor says

    I LOVE watermelon, it’s the one thing I think I could live on (maybe with the occassional pork chop).
    If I won, I’d really like the brown palette please :)

  31. says

    I love peaches! Everything from the fruit itself with its fragrant sweet smell and its succulent juices when you bite into one that’s perfectly ripe hmmmmm to peach tea, canned peaches with vanilla ice cream, peach marmalade, pastry topped with peach slices and walnuts etc.!

    Thank you so much for the giveaway! I love the plum palette :)

  32. says

    I’m not sure I could pick just one, I’ addicted to fruits so is a very very hard question, but I’ll tell you my fave 5 fruits: Banana, Pear, Strawberry, Tangerine & Green Apple so yummy!!!! <3

    I'd love to win the black palette!
    Thank you so much!

  33. kirsty says

    My favourite fruit is definitely banana – I could live on them!

    Would like a brown pallet please :)

  34. says

    Pineapple! cut into sticks, put in sandwhich bags and then stuck in the fridge! They are juicy, fruity, tangtastic ‘ice pops’/snacks to whip out of the fridge when the temperature soars(sadly not the case in the uk right now) to suck on and chewww.
    I’d love the black one sweetie

  35. Vedra says

    My fav fruits are figs & plums – fresh they’re most delicious, but I also like them dried (sweet like candy!). And I’d love to win the plum palette (ha). Thanks for the chance! :)