Wedding Day Make Up & Perfume Choices

It’s funny – for all the planning in the world, on my actual wedding day I wasn’t half as anal about my make up I thought I would be.  

Don’t get me wrong – I packed things I knew I liked to use, and didn’t overwhelm myself with tons of choices so that I could be quite focused on the morning.  To be honest when the time came, I just wanted to get going rather then spend hours faffing around. 

Wedding day make up

In the end I really didn’t use THAT much considering. I don’t know how but it stayed put until the bitter end, which I didn’t think it would with all the blood, sweat and tears!

I used:



Banila Co Prime Primer (Hydrating) – it’s a cross between a hydrating cream base and a silicone-y one. You have to be careful with this, with some foundation’s it looks cakey but with the right one, it works really well (usually a foundation with quite a runny texture). 

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 – can’t beat some Bobbi Brown when it comes to bridal. This is lighter coverage then my usual base but it’s really natural and can be layered. 

MAC Pro Longwear concealer under the eyes and on any red bits. 

Sisley Pressed Face Powder (Matte Finish)

Sisley Sun Powder No. 1 (bronzer) 

Sisley Blusher in Peach 


I kept this so simple, I used the new Bobbi Brown Twilight palette (just the cream and mid toned matte brown) and some black liquid eyeliner (Koji). 

I didn’t use mascara (I had lash extensions in). 


I put on Bobbi Brown pale pink lipstick but then realised it looked TOO pale for photos, so I grabbed the most pigmented thing I had around, a Urban Decay pink lip pencil to add more colour. To top, I used Chanel Bagatelle Lip Gloss. 

I also fixed my face with Clearlast spray, which is amazing. 

Wedding Day Make Up 1


I nearly went for good old Chanel, then decided to go for something unusual that I wouldn’t normally wear so that when I smelt it again it would specifically remind me of the wedding day. 

I used Jo Malone Orange Blossom which was apt as it was a beautiful sunny day and I have been craving oranges badl for the last few months mixed with a few spritzes of Grapefruit. 

The result wasn’t sickly, it was fruity (obviously) and quite fresh and floral.  Something a bit different I think. The only thing is, I found it didn’t last as long as I liked although I did have some sprayed into my hair (A Charlotte Lipglossiping tip!).

Jo Malone Orange Blossom

Some people will definitely prefer to hire a make up artist for the day, but I am really used to doing my own make up looks and also, I am quite specific about how I like to do my eyes etc. Me personally, I didn’t want too many strangers in my room in the morning when you’re getting ready it can be a bit stressful. 

I’ll get round to reviewing the various bits and pieces I used, if I haven’t reviewed them already!

If you are married, who did your wedding make up and how did you have it?

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  1. Mel says

    My goodness me, my wedding was a long time ago, so far back that I’m divorced now..LOL, I was twenty, and to be honest didn’t know a huge lot about make up. I knew what I thought would suit me, so didn’t even think about having a makeup artist. If I were to get married again (which I can’t see happening, as I now know divorces are even more expenses than weddings). I would probably do my own make up. As I’ve recently just trained as a beauty therapist. Wishing you, all the luck in the world for your marriage. x

  2. Chelsea says

    When I got married I did my own makeup, too. Mostly because we didn’t have enough money for all that, haha–but even if we did, I don’t think I would’ve hired anyone. I’m also very fussy about how I do my face, and I don’t give direction very well. I’d feel too nervous leaving it in the hands of someone else! I just did a neutral look with lots of emphasis on the lashes through individual falsies, and a mid-pink lip. Congratulations, by the way! I love the preparation picture, looks like you’re plotting. :)

  3. says

    Did my own makeup for my big day, too :) My sister, the MOH, helped when I got too anxious ^.^;; Eyelash extensions would have been brilliant! I had a horrible run-in with Diorshow mascara that morning. I had to get a new contact lens and everything, and the tears made me have to fix my smudged foundation and eyeshadow.

  4. says

    I got married in April. I did my own make up, well, 30 seconds worth! My friend did my eyelash extensions earlier in the morning, which was just as well because even though I got up 4 and a half hours before I was due at the registry office, it wasn’t enough time. I couldn’t tell you what eyeshadow and lipstick brands I used, as I literally had half a minute to swipe some makeup on before I ran out of the door. I know they were both a light pink, and that’s all. Luckily I had that bridal glow to make me look pretty, which was probably down to sweating from lugging around about a stone of wedding dress, train and petticoats all day :)

  5. Lucky says

    You got married and you DIDN’T have Megan do your makeup? Row: I am disappoint.

    No, seriously, though, Megan’s probably so high in demand for weddings and parties this summer that’s she’s probably booked solid ’till September. Thus, I’ll forgive you for going the Kate Middletown route and doing your own slap on your wedding day (but just this once!).