Wedding Countdown: What Beauty Routine do you have pre-wedding?

It’s not long now until my wedding day and I’ve suddenly realised that I have been spending all my time organising others and of course formalising arrangements and haven’t really thought about myself (I am picking up my adjusted wedding dress TWO days before the day so it better fit!).  

Then I suddenly realised; I am a beauty blogger! How could I have neglected all things beauty pre-wedding!?

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Read some websites and wedding magazines and you’d think all women go for a quick botox and lipo before the big day (or do they?!).  I am not dieting at the moment although I am eating well, apart from the odd soya-decaf-caramel-macchiato.  So my extremely last minute beauty countdown is:

1. Brows and Excess Hair.

I have to do brows and wax any unsightly facial hair (was going to go for threading but my skin is rather too sensitive for it so I’ll tweeze myself).  I am not madly hairy anywhere else so I’ll keep it simple!

Cost: FREE 

Pain: Medium

2. Teeth Whitening

Whoops I totally forgot drinking so many brown drinks has made my teeth yellow. I always use a sensitive toothpaste rather than whitening because I have such sore gnashers.  I can’t be bothered going to professional treatment – it’s expensive and it hurts so I got some Crest Strips from eBay and will use it 3/4 times pre ceremony for a boost. 

Cost: About £15

Pain: Medium-Low

3. Facials and Massages

Argh I totally left it too late to go for a facial – I don’t want any sudden breakouts so I am going for a lovely post-wedding facial with Natalya Robinson who is AMAZING.  I will use the gorgeous Sisley Black Rose mask pre ceremony for a pamper instead. 

I am going for a body massage for the sake of relaxation 3 days before though, which I have a voucher for! Yay!

Cost: Nearly nothing

Pain: NONE!

4. Lashes

I got a lash perm at my favourite place for them J.Crystal, and will get lash extensions the day before because I can not do false lashes by myself. I am learning but since I am doing my own make up for the day, I can’t trust that ones I stick on won’t end up half way down my face and that I won’t look like some drunk bird wandering the streets on a Saturday night. 

Cost: £35 for the lash perm

Pain: It’s somewhat uncomfortable having these treatments but no pain as such

5. Nails

I may book in for a manicure/pedicure but to be honest, I haven’t had many that haven’t left me with sore cuticles and the polish lasts no longer then when I do it myself.  We’ll see. If not I don’t have an issue doing my own nails, I so far like Top Shop’s Moonstone polish as a wedding polish it makes my engagement ring (which is a colourless diamond) look extra sparkly.

Cost: £6 for the polish OR £40-£60 for a mani-pedi

Pain: None apart from when my cat jumps on me after I’ve just painted my nails

I don’t do fake tan or hair extensions.  I am not colouring my hair at the moment (I have a natural ombre look now – or that is what I am telling myself) and I only went for a cut 7 weeks ago so I am not going to be indulgent and get another cut for the sake of it).  

That’s it really, I am quite low maintenance! I just hope I don’t like TOO tired – how on earth do brides sleep the night before?

Make Up wise – I think I liked the glow of my MAC make over the most, and I will try and get that kind of base and I was thinking of moving away from the browns and doing a very very soft pink/purple eye since my theme is pink anyway (not out of choice, it just turned out that way!). 

So have I missed any other beauty treatment out?

If you are married what was your beauty countdown like?

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  1. says

    I’m trying to think bak to what my routine was when i got married – 5 years ago this September – we were absolutely skint so I did my own nails, and i don’t dye my hair and i was growing it so no expensive salon trips required..there was some more intimate grooming done…and i did take a LOT of baths to escape my in-laws who we were living with at the time!

  2. Janet Shepherd says

    Well, I had gel nails as my own break easily & I wanted nice nails, and I had my colour done regularly in the months leading up to the wedding. Night before the wedding I did a soothing face mask & had a nice relaxing bath, did my own pedi & shaved my legs/underarms etc. had my makeup & hair done for me on the day so I could just relax.

  3. says

    This was really interesting! I didn’t really think of my beauty routine before my wedding as a countdown, but I suppose it really is. I’ve always done my own brows… I usually leave the top side alone but my sister insisted I trim that area up so I wound up with really small brows for my wedding… though I would say they look very groomed and not too, too skimpy. Otherwise I shaved anywhere else there was unwanted hair. Cheap! I didn’t whiten my teeth. This is probably bratty to say but even though my teeth aren’t perfectly white they’re whiter than my husband’s… so I didn’t want to make his look too yellow in comparison and he can’t be bothered to whiten XD No whitening! And I do find even Crest strips painful. I’m not a facials, massages, or lashes girl, really. I got Diorshow mascara and that really did the trick. I nearly had a meltdown with it though, because it smudged on my eye area the day of (I had my sister do all my makeup except mascara because I was shaking too much that morning, LOL). It was a midday wedding so I didn’t want to have obvious false lashes anyway. I got a french mani and pedi, which I really never wear. Natural nail length, though. Most expensive manicure I ever had (at a Casino Spa in Las Vegas) but darned if it didn’t wear twice as long as polish usually does, even if I get it professionally applied. Lasted my whole time in Las Vegas (got married there, but not elopement. 60 friends and family showed up :D). I also deviated from browns (only brown was my bronzey-glinty eyeliner- waterproof, of course) and wore matte dusky pink and purple (NARS duo eyeshadow in Charade, which I highly recommend). Almost forgot to mention, I didn’t color my hair at the time and have kept it pixie-short for years so I didn’t do a thing with my hair besides stick a halo and veil in it with bobby pins. Sorry for the novel but I really enjoyed your post!

  4. liloo says

    stupid form. it asked me to complete the captcha and it deleted all i wrote