Wayne Goss Make Up Brushes Review

I am going to presume you have never been on YouTube or watched beauty videos on YouTube before; if this is the case then you will not have heard of Wayne Goss, and maybe you’re now thinking WHEN, WILL I? WILL I BE FAMOUSSSSSSSS? No. Ok, I’ll shut up now. 

Wayne Goss is a make up artist with over 15 years of experience who is particularly successful on YouTube. I am partial to the odd Goss Make Up Video, and he always comes across as a very kind, humble teacher. Anyway. Mr Goss has released some make up brushes (this was a while ago and it’s taken me this long to get round to reviewing).  Lots and lots of YouTube Gurus have released products (remember Lauren Luke’s make up palettes?) to many a mixed review.  I have kept my mind open because, er, it makes sense. 

Wayne Goss Make Up Brushes 1
I don’t really acquire many make up brushes because I did a lot of that when I started buying make up, investing in things like Shu Uemura’s Kolinsky brushes (£102 for Brush 12!!!!!) so now, unless something is exceptional or I think it’s missing from my collection, I don’t buy. 

So what does the Wayne Goss make up collection have to offer an already crowded make up brush market?

The original Wayne Goss make up brush set (there is a new Face Brush set but we aren’t talking about that yet!) is made up of 8 pieces, and is hand crafted in Japan. The hair is cruelty free too. This gorgeously photographed post shows where and how the brushes are made in Japan. 

I have 5 of the brushes here to review. I have had these for a while, as mentioned earlier, and they have been absorbed, so to speak, into my every day collection of must use brushes. 

Wayne Goss Make Up Brushes 2
Brush 1 is for the face.  

Use: Foundation, Powder, Liquid, Cream, Mineral, Blush
Hair: Goat & Synthetic Fibre
Handle: Black Gloss Wood
Characteristics: Angled, Cut, Creating Two Different Lengths For Application

Price: £30

Wayne Goss Make Up Brush 01 Face

The Face brush is reminiscent of Shiseido’s Perfect Foundation Brush  – short bristles, firm, dense hairs.  I like that brush and I like this one too – it means you can really work a base into the skin (takes a bit of time, more than using my light bulb sponge) but I really like using it for a flawless finish. It gives you a lot of control and works well with the medium-heavy bases in particular.  

Shu Uemura’s face brush is also made of Goat hair but is quite rough and sheds – Wayne’s is softer probably because of the synthetic mix, and also hasn’t shed on me yet.

Only downside is it is challenging to clean, but all of these dense short haired brushes are. 

The Powder Brush

Use: Powder, Highlighter, Contouring, Blusher, Bronzer, Mineral Foundation
Hair: Squirrel
Handle: Black Gloss Wood
Characteristics: Ultra Soft, Lightly Pointed.

Price: £25

Wayne Goss 02 Powder Brush Review

A beautiful powder brush – I am not a big fan of powder brushes, for some reason I have problems with them shedding (it’s always the first to go for some reason), and I find some of them too big, too fluffy, too splayed.  

This brush is super super super super soft and lovely, – for powder, I use just on oily bits as I do have dry skin, and I have also used it for blush. It’s lovely for both, and is really superior to a lot of other blusher/powder brushes I have tried recently. I prefer this domed shape for control rather than something really big and fluffy, which always inevitably makes me give myself a powder choke…errr, you know, dusting on too much powder and looking like you’re under a cloud. 

 Medium Crease Brush

Use: Eyeshadow, Crease, Contouring Nose, Highlighting, Under Eye Bags, Powdering, Blending
Hair: Squirrel
Handle: Black Gloss Wood
Characteristics: Very Soft, Lightly Pointed

Price: £18

Wayne Goss Make Up Brushes 4

There is a crease brush that is smaller and one is that bigger. This medium one fits beautifully into the eye crease to blend. The shape is nice – it’s less random and splay-ey than the MAC one I use all the time, and it’s super soft and hasn’t shed at all. None of the WG brushes has shed on me actually and I do give them all a good yank to be sure (ahem). 

Don’t know what to say about this other than it’s a fab contour brush, up there with NARS, Trish, Shu and actually probably a bit cheaper at £18. 

Lip Brush – or the multi tasker


Use: Lips, Concealer, Eyeshadow, Brows, Eyeliner, Micro highlighting, Under Eye Bags.
Hair: Natural
Handle: Black Gloss Wood
Characteristics: Firm, Round Taped Tip.


Price: £14

Use Lips Concealer Eyeshadow Brows Eyeliner Micro highlighting Under Eye Bags Hair Natural Handle Black Gloss Wood Characteristics Firm Round Taped Tip

This is a weird one right? It looks like it should be an eyeliner brush and naturally it can be used for a number of things; lips, eyeliner, brows etc etc. but it is actually called a LIP brush. I love it.  It’s not the first shape you would think of, this lightly curved shape but it’s good for precision (I love the idea of squared brushes but I don’t have the skills) but this brush is a bit easier as you can follow, for example, the shape of the cupid’s bow. 

I like that it’s natural hair brush because lips are often synthetic – I find them easier to clean – and I find this a nice one for eyeshadow under the eyes. I REALLY like that this is not a bog standard lip brush because what would be the point of that? I find lip brushes so boring to use, I would only use one with a bold colour where lips need to be perfect and this tool is great for that. 



Use: Liner, Push Liner, Highlighting Lips, Contouring Lips, Brows, Micro Highlighting, Under Eye Bags.

 Hair: Natural

Handle: Black Gloss Wood
Characteristics: Firm, Precise, Square Tip


Price: £13

Use Liner Push Liner Highlighting Lips Contouring Lips Brows Micro Highlighting Under Eye Bagural Handle Black Gloss Wood Characteristics Firm Precise Square Tip Wayne Goss Make Up Brushes

Another interesting release; a micro brush for lining and any fine work. My picture doesn’t quite show how teeny this brush is; you could even use it for nail art (but you wouldn’t, use a 99p one instead).  I like this because I like tight lining under the lashes, and I also like a very fine line and this brush is great for that.  It’s good for my fellow straight lashed ladies, and also those with a mono lid, or who struggle to let a liner FINE ENOUGH…this will get you there my dears! 


I don’t know what I was expecting with this brush set; it’s not the most expensive but it isn’t that cheap either -(PixiWoo’s Real Techniques brushes are very affordable and great value but Wayne Goss’s are obviously aimed at a different market) – with so many brushes on the market, would you really choose this brand over other more established brands?

Actually…..these brushes are….excellent. They remind me of Hakuhodo brushes.  These brushes are exceptional quality from the handle (well made, solid, no chipping or fading), the hairs are super soft and do not shed.  They are interesting and add something new rather than being a obvious range of brushes, and are a pleasure to use every day. They have stood up to my rough washing, and are still as soft as before. 

These brushes are still cheaper than investing in say Trish McEvoy, Nars and Shu Uemura (who in my opinion make the best brushes).  They are softer and better than their MAC equivalents, although, the range is obviously smaller than theirs.  

I really do like all of these brushes and would buy some in the future. They’re not just hyped, they’re…trying to think of a Bros pun…..I can’t…they’re FABULOUS.

Check out Wayne’s make up brushes here. 


*PR Samples

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