Waterproof, 24 Hour Wear: Naris Up, Wink Up Maxigrade Black Eyeliner Pencil in Black Review

Although I carry a make up bag filled with wonder with me every day, the fact is I just don’t top up my make up during the day unless I am specifically going somewhere after work. But I carry it anyway, incase of the apocalypse.

So, long wearing make up is my godsend. Japanese brands, generally, have terrific lasting power – the mascara and eyeliner products especially. I find that my watery eyes can get rid of any eyeliner within a few hours so went a-hunting for a true black liner that would work on my waterline and lasted all day.

Naris Up’s Maxigrade Pencil Eyeliner (there is also a liquid version) caught my eye:


I love how it looks like a timer! This baby’s USP is it’s long lasting capabilities!

They say:

Naris up Maxigrade Eyeliner (Pencil) is a natural black color and pencil type eye liner. It gives your eyes more impact and makes your eyes look wider. You can use it several ways as, a shade or to draw a clear line. Water and sweat resistant formula.

This pencil has a soft blender end and a, er, pencil end.


The pencil side is good – it’s a very true black, a slightly hard formula (not creamy like say, Urban Decay 24/7 pencils) but nevertheless produces a good line that doesn’t transfer easily.

It’s also easy to apply, even though it’s a bit hard it doesn’t drag the skin.

I have a problem though, and that is that whilst it works a treat on the upper lid, it doesn’t transfer so well on the waterline. I have this problem with a lot of pencils and unfortunately, this was too much work around that area. So, it was also difficult to use to tightline.

The smudger side is really nice – I don’t normally use these things, but this one is a nice rubbery tip, firm but also a little bit bendy and not scratchy at all. I like!

I have to say though, the smudger takes up a fair bit of space so it feels like you don’t get that much pencil. It is definitely shorter than the likes of Chanel, MAC, Urban Decay, Shu Uemura pencils etc.


Here is the smudger in action. You can see how much of a difference it makes to the line – how easily you can do this near your eyes is debatable, but overall I was happy with both the normal line and the smudgy one:



This was an inexpensive pencil (about £7 from Adambeauty.com delivered). I think the colour is great, I think it lasts longer than you average pencil but I failed to make it work on my waterline – maybe I just have to accept that I need 2 pencils – one for the lash line and one for the waterline!

It’s worth a punt if you want a good long lasting pencil without spending a fortune but it’s not the ultimate eye pencil for me.

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  1. says

    There is one Japanese pencil that I really like on my waterline – Makemania’s “Dense Black Liner”. Of course I cannot promise that it will work for everyone, but since you like to try new stuff…