Want to protect your tan and dye yourself orange? Try Melvita Huile de Carotte Carrot Oil

So whilst I was on holiday I got heatstroke.

Stupid really – I am not used to being in the sun and I basically toasted myself for 6 hours in the hardcore sun like someone who…has no idea how to behave in the sun.

My brain, quite rightly, came to a standstill (arguably not for the first time) whilst we had dinner that night and I keeled over in a restaurant.

Mr C finds it hilarious that my words to him, as I lay there in a cold sweat, vision blurring, deliriously panting on the floor was, “Don’t forget to put the cake in a take out box”.

Melvita Carrot Oil says it will help me keep this hard earned tan:


They say:

Carrot Oil is intensely softening and revitalising for the skin and is often used as a natural ‘tan-enhancer’ when used as an after-sun treatment as the natural colour of the oil supports a golden tan.

The oil itself is made by macerating carrots in organic Sunflower Oil and its pro-vitamin A content gives it a beautiful bright orange colour.

I like body oils. I can use them straight after a shower quickly, I’m too lazy for creams most of the time.


Here it is – a BRIGHT orange oil, very rich in texture…

It was a bit of a shock applying this because it’s so damn bright!

It instantly looks a bright yellow orange on the skin – rub rub rub and you look like you’ve been basted in some paprika infused oil (or something like that. Turmeric?!).

Anyway doesn’t matter because as you dry off this orange fades. It’s quite amusing actually…


I have to say this oil does a very good job!

My skin was peeling and flaking away this week and just this oil applied 2-3 times a week is enough to stop it from peeling. It does also add a golden glow to it – I promise it’s not orange although it looks that at first.

I don’t know of any other tan maximiser products – not an area I look into often – but I am glad I have this and will keep using it to prolong this tan I have, which my brain paid for!

Ingredients –


Buy the Carrot Oil here for £16

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