Want pore coverage? Try Skinfood Black Egg Pore Foundation

I, for one, am always looking for ways to treat my pores which unfortunately are getting more noticeable the older I get.

As soon as I saw this Skinfood Black Egg Pore Foundation on eBay hit ‘Buy it now’…as I often do when half asleep…

Black Egg = I know this sounds odd but Skinfood’s products are all based on – well, food, no matter how strange. I promise you none of their stuff is gross smelling or funky!

I’ve also noticed another trend in Asian skincare and cosmetics, where they say that their product will make your skin look like ‘an egg’. I know that sounds strange from a Western point of view…who wants to be an egghead – but it’s the idea that you skin will be as perfectly smooth as the surface of an egg. Or something like that.


Black Egg Pore Foundation comes in an egg shaped container, which is cute but wholly impractical. How are you supposed to fit THAT in your make up bag? Remember my Tony Moly egg shaped skin products?!

It’s more practical than Tony Moly though I guess – at least it has a nice surprise in the lid.


They say:

A pore smoothing foundation with a mousse texture that immediately melts on the skin and turns into a velvety matte finish while imparting flawless coverage for enlarged pores and fine wrinkles your skin will look as smooth and firm as a freshly hard boiled egg white.

I have shade 02 Natural Beige (there’s only 2 to pick from).

Inside the lid lives a little kabuki brush type thing – already this foundation is reminding me of Bourjois Mineral Matte Mousse foundation, which I am quite fond of for it’s quick application and smooth finish.


The brush with this is a bit hard to hold unless you have stubby fingers because the handle is so small.

The brush itself is synthetic but it’s pretty damn good! Very soft, very dense so you can really buff the foundation in. I like!

Here is the foundation. I never learn – very few Asian brand foundation will match my NC35 skintone – they are usually too yellow or too light – usually the latter. But I had faith that 02 would suit me.


The texture is like a really dense mousse – it is similar to the Bourjois but I would say blends a little less well BUT, deals with oil better and hides pores better.

I do like the ease of these bases and it does indeed, leave the skin nice and velvety. A soft matte finish.


A few dabs with the brush is enough:


Whilst I do like the finish of this foundation if you have any flakies it might cling – I found that on my nose, but it was peeling quite badly at the time. I’d suggest a primer underneath (there is a Black Egg Pore Primer but I didn’t buy it).

Skin with no make up, note redness and dry patches:


After – this foundation is TOO LIGHT! But it does cover redness well and pores. Works well under the eyes to conceal:



This is a nice foundation – good for oilier skins and it helps cover pores. The packaging is really annoying after a while. I think it’s on par with the Bourjois mineral matte mousse – not better, just different.

It is however, far too light for me – well, I’d say a good 2 shades so it’s probably about NC25? So I will be selling it on my blog sale – I’m not looking ghostly pale with a dark neck – again.

I paid about £14 for this on eBay.

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  1. Dee says

    It doesn’t look *too* pale on you, can’t you warm it up with bronzer? (thanks so much for the lash boutique by the way, I was just thinking about buying some off ebay to practice but they were ugly with ridic prices…)

  2. Mandy says

    The egg in asian cosmetics names alludes to the surface of a (peeled) hardboiled egg– smooth, glowy and bouncy.

  3. stephanie ruiz says

    i have this! i love its matte finish and its perfect for oily skin. it has a medium coverage and works as a concealer too. the only thing i dont like is that it’s much lighter than my color. it becomes obvious atimes…