Want J.Lo Glow? Scott Barnes Body Bling Moisturizing Shimmering Lotion

To be honest, I’m not one for fake tan, and I’m not one for all over shimmery body lotions but I do have a thing for Scott Barnes and decided to pick up one of his Body Bling Lotions when it was listed on eBay.

This is the Body Bling in its newest form, which is a squeezy tube, in Platinum for cooler/pale skintones and Original, which is for darker/warm skintones:

Scott Barnes body bling.jpg

They Say: Body Bling is utterly unique to the vision of creator Scott Barnes, make up artist to the stars, who says ‘Every woman should look expensive.’

Yah, Scott, but so many people end up looking cheap in the process of trying to look expensive. Less. Is. More.

My bottle was in the older formula so came in a pump bottle. I got the original which is a very dark, bronze lotion:

Body Bling Scott Barnes.jpg

This Body Bling is a firm textured lotion, quite thick and similar to other products that leave a golden tint on on the skin. Its great for parties or what not – it leaves the skin looking glowy and a few shades darker and is apparently transfer proof so won’t rub off on clothes.

body bling scott barnes-1.jpg


scott barnes body bling-1.jpg

So it really does tint the skin – I wouldn’t say its orange, just a very full on bronze. Next time I have a special occasion, Scott, I will smother myself in your Bling Bling goodness.

Here is Scott, demonstrating how to use the Body Bling:

Looks gorgeous on the model, I think.

Its on sale on Strawberrynet for about £20 and I won it on eBay for £14. Its pretty expensive for what is essentially a skin tint but its very pigmented compared to your usual ones.

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