Wahanda launches online beauty services booking system!

I have phone phobia. I do. Maybe it’s because when someone speaks to me on the phone I worry that I wont have enough time to construct an intelligent answer. I am a written word kinda gal.

I equally hate calling up places to make appointments because:

a. The line is always engaged

b. The person who answers is a dope and I need to keep repeating myself

c. If I am at work I need to go and hang off the side of the balcony to get reception

d. If I am at home I have to sit in the corner of the lounge to get reception

Ergo – Wahanda, home of many spa and salon deals, and their new online booking system is right up my street!

£25 Gel Polish at The Retreat at Czaro Wahanda

The system which went live yesterday (26th September 2012) is a way for people to book appointments online without having to make phone calls to the salon or spa.

Once you go to the Wahanda.com website, just find the salon you want to visit and date, or choose a treatment then the availability at your local salons.  I like the idea of being able to see exactly what slots are free – I find that when people offer me a time on the phone I can’t always see my whole diary and end up double booking! 

I will definitely use this system in the future – it gives me time to browse services near me and the prices without having to ring up!

Read more about the Wahanda services here. 

What do you think? Would you use an online booking service or do you prefer to phone?

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  1. says

    I also hate using the phone! It puts me off buying vouchers or signing up to anything if I know that I’ll need to use the phone, because I’m so scared of it – mainly because I like to be prepared and know exactly who I’m talking to on the other end. On the other side, I hate having to leave the office to book a wax over the phone. It’s so embarrassing if people overhear and I haven’t always got time to visit the salon and book. Plus by the time I get home to call, the salon is shut or no-one answers. This online booking is going to be SO handy.