VOV Super Speed Nail Cone Polish Review & Swatches! Mint Speed & Pink Speed

Who has time to sit around waiting for nail polish to dry, right? I definitely don’t, and even when I have good intentions (applying it before bedtime) I end up with weird creases and marks the following morning!

When I spotted these super cute VOV (Korean brand) Nail Cone Super Speed Polishes, I had to give them a try.  I chose two colours, Pink and Mint – there’s 10 shades to choose from, all self explanatory (lemon, red, blue, purple, green etc.)

VOV super speed Nail Cone

Yes that’s superman on there! I like the packaging, it’s pretty adorable.

This nail polish is supposed to:

1. Dry within a minute

2. Easy to apply with a wide brush (requiring ‘1 touch’)

3. Last for a week

4. Give a vivid pigmented colours. 

Here is the wide brush – i like wide brushes but I wasn’t keen on this one – the bristles seemed to make the polish look streaky. VOV Speed Polish

The pink – it’s a cotton candy pink:

VOV Pink Speed Super Speed Nail Cone

I applied 2 coats there and was very disappointed. 

The polish took about 3 minutes to truly dry, and I noticed how horribly streaky the application was. Even with 2 coats, it looked uneven.  It’s a shame as this is a really pretty pink with a gold pearl shot through it. It just didn’t look right, and there’s no way 1 coat would be enough. 

Here is the mint – same issues with the weird texture:

VOV super Speed Nail Cone 1

So disappointing! As cute as these look and they do dry quicker than regular polish (but not in 1 minute), I hate the uneven finish! Ergo, it’s hard to recommend despite the cuteness…I guess with more layers it could look better but that defeats the object of it being speedy, no?!

I bought these from eBay for around £6 each. 

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