VOCE & Biteki magazines, November

I love Japanese Beauty magazines. The two that can be bought in the UK from the Japan Centre are Biteki and Voce. I wish they stocked Maquia too.

Biteki came with a free gift too! It was either a eyeliner or a mascara – I wanted the mascara so guess what I got? The liner of course!

VOCE is not as good as Biteki this month I think.

I LOVE this look. It’s so cute and sexy. I love the hair cut. I would go for this if I wasn’t scared of my neck getting cold.

This is extremely cute too:

The new YSL 5 colour shadows are used here – hmmm now I am thinking I need to go and take a look at these quints.

Not had time to read them properly but as ususal they are full of gorgeousness.

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  1. YZ says

    I got the mascara, heehee! :p Haven’t tried it yet, but I love the beautiful eggplant colour depicted in the magazine….

  2. pikko says

    you have to check out the ysl quints!! i controlled myself by not buying 4 so i bought 2 of them – indian pink (02) and lilac sky (04). by the way – did i mention i LOOVE reading ur blog? thanks!!!

  3. Row says

    Hey Pikko!

    thankyou very much! You shouldnt encourage me! I have my eye on Lilac Sky, the Blue palette and then the Green palette. I am soooooooooo tempted its unreal!

  4. Aya says

    i love love love your blog!
    I was away to america for shopping spree n now back in my homey excited bout checking out your entrees!
    Just to let you know that there is better Japanese bookshop in Mitsukoshi downstairs in piccadily. Although Maquia not really doing well in articles those days, let u try them urslf nway.
    PS Why US urban outfitter is SOO much better than UK? I mean we are right next to where all fashion trend are set (France)!!