VO5 Hot Oil Moisture Soak, Silky Smooth and Deep Nourishing Elixir Review

When I was growing up, the range that everyone used to use was Alberto VO5. The crunchy mousse? The gel that was like translucent green jelly in a giant tub? I had it.

VO5 Hot Oil my mum used to buy and I would nick them to treat me hair even though, in it’s virgin state, my hair was naturally healthy and shiny.

I recently had my hair lightened so was told to get lots of treatments on it – surprisingly VO5 was highly recommended to me. I didn’t even know that stuff was still around!

I stomped into Boots and bought three VO5 products, it was 3 for 2. I got their VO5 Hot Oil Shower Works Moisture Soak which looked interesting – this doesn’t need preheating and takes just a minute to work:


It’s used before shampooing – you use the guide on the side to determine how much to pump (so there’s 5 applications in the bottle. It’s pretty much the same as the individual tubes – I guess you get a bit more for £3.99).

So I used this – I like how easy it is to use, I don’t have time for conditioners you use and leave in your hair for 15 minutes (showers are cold places) and yeah, my hair felt better – but just marginally. I think I like the individuals better!

Nevertheless I like how easy this is – my hair was better for using it than not but I am sure a lot of that is cosmetic as opposed to any real deep repair work going on…


The individuals have 4 tubes inside, and you drop these into a bit of hot water so it warms up then leave on for a few minutes before showering. I used to adore this stuff so much! They work out about £1.25 each.

I used this a few times and once again it does make a good difference to my hair. It feels stronger and softer in general although I still need to use conditioner on my straw like hair.


This product makes a nice change to the usual thick cream intensive conditioners – having said that you can also use Olive Oil or Sesame Oil or Coconut Oil (my favourite!) as an intensive treatment too but it’s messier and needs to be left in the hair for longer so there VO5 Hot Oil is definitely good for when you don’t have the time or inclination.

Verdict: Still a great product!

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