Vitaltone Anti Cellulite Supplement Guest Review!

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Tester: Helen, 26 – is concerned about the dimply skin.

The product:

vitalTONE® supports cellulite reduction by addressing all of the above by helping stagnated fluids move from the tissues into the lymph circulation, improving the integrity of the capillary circulation and reducing the “water logged” nature of the cellulite tissue.


Have you ever heard of this product before?

No I hadn’t heard of the product before.

What does this product promise to do?

Prevents and treats Cellulite by improving blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and
Fat metabolism.

What are your your first impressions of the product?

It looked easy and simple to use for 1 month by putting droplets in half water. It contained all natural ingredients.


What do you think of the packaging?

The packaging was very plain and not very enticing, unlike other beauty treatments on the market. Inside the blue cardboard box there was a brown glass bottle which had a plain black and white label.

Is the product easy to use and are the instructions clear?

Instructions advise 30 drops in to half water, but didn’t state exactly how much water to use, 10 minutes before each meal, three times a day. The bottle had a nozzle which helped you control the drops you put in to the water helping you count the exact amount.

How does this product taste and look?

It has a sharp smell with an hint of herbs and mint. It tasted of mainly mint and was a clear like liquid. I found it easy to drink with water as there wasn’t much taste detectable, depending on how much water you used. I also found it easy to mix with juice as well as water stated.


Have you noticed and improvements in the areas the product states it will help with?

I noticed an improvement with my skin looking more firmer and my skin tone looked much healthier on the backs of my legs/bum area. The product does state to use for 3 months for further improvement.

Would you go out and buy this again or recommend it to a friend?

I would like to try it for longer to see how much it would improve my skin.
Maybe as a supplement alongside other lifestyle changes. One benefit is that taking this product actually helped me drink more water.

Buy from here for £13.99

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