Visee Glam Hunter – Shades of Beige on a Saturday

A little package arrived for me from Adambeauty today – in 2 days! How amazing is that? Even though there is a typhoon in Hong Kong my make up still arrives perfectly in time and in perfect condition!

Part of my order was some of the lip products from the Visee Autumn collection. A lot of them for some reason are shades of Beige! Now I love my beige lips!

Here we have one Metallic Rouge Gloss in BE356

2 x Nudish Rouge in BE370 and BE873

Why? Cos I love my beige lips. 370 looks like a true flesh toned beige, 873 is a much rosier approach, and 356 – because the words Metallic and Gloss sound amazing to me!

Swatching them you can see there is quite a big difference in colour

I love the packaging of the Nudish Rouge. Its innovative and funky (altho MAQUillage have a similar product).

BE370 is a whitish nude with shimmer –

BE873 is rosy and pinkish – arguably not a beige but its such a flattering, warming tone –

BE356, the metallic gloss in insteresting – it has multi coloured glitter in it – almost a greeny shade of gloss (well with my fuzzy eyesight):

Tis very unusual and one of my favourites.

There’s nothing striking of killah in this collection; its a set of nice textured glosses in elegant colours – the kind of thing you can just throw on and not think about too much.

I got some other bits too – I am obsessed with eye drops of late so got this Rohoto:

It still tingles like crazy on my eyes which makes it not work friendly – it is also PINK and smells of roses – hey, fragranced eyes is the hottest thing!

Still I like it! With eyes like mine they need a bit of refreshment.

I also picked up one of these Envirosax bags – they fold up tiny, and are great for those of us who want to stop picking grocery bags!

Cats just get in the way. A lot.

There are lots of adults designs but also kids (which mine is). They fold out to pretty spacious bags which is handy and roll up small so you can take it out and about with you. Recommended!

What else does everyone have planned for the weekend?

Tis a bank holiday weekend in the UK but I have a lot of work to do so I must get at it.

In my lame attempt to become a domestic goddess, I have bought a number of cake supplies and this weekend will be cupcake weekend. Oh yes. Tune back in for pics!

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    2 days? lucky girl! I never have ANY package from outside of my country shipped in less than a week! those lipglosses looks great