Visee Glam Glow Eyes Eyeshadow Palettes for Spring 2011 in BR-2 and BL-5

I was saving up my pennies for a big, big Mary Quant eyeshadow haul when what appears on

Visee’s summer palettes – so pretty! I can usually pass up on Visee as I find their eyeshadow deceptively good looking but poor to use. However these spoke to me. The packaging is pretty. I like the evenly sized squares:

Visee Glam Glow Eyes Eyeshadow Palette Brown Blue

These are beautifully presented although quite lightweight.  Sometimes when I have a great palette like this, I wonder why I bother with more expensive alternatives.  Let’s look closer….

Here are the palettes – there is a pretty lace print over the top:

Visee Glam Glow eyes eyeshadow Palette

Typical of Japanese palettes, the colours here are shimmery- but beautifully shimmer! Not TOO metallic. Not TOO sheer. Just right in terms of pigment an shimmer. Even the glitter colour is well though out. I had little fall out over the day, which was surprising – I get the worst glitter face with Japanese eyeshadows.

Here is a swatch of the blue palette- if you like blues, it’s a really pretty palette to own – the colours are lovely, especially the deep navy:

Visee Glam Glow Eyes BL 5

Visee BR-2 is lovely too – it’s a very warm gold-orange combination.  There is also a cooler palette with a soft pink (BR-1).  I wanted something a bit different so I got this one – the orange-gold is lovely if you are in to warm colours, it’s wearable yet bold at the same time.

The texture of these eyeshadows are not ‘creamy’ although they are soft. If you press a little too hard it will crumble. Although it’s not super soft to touch you still get the pigment…interesting texture.

Visee Glam Glow Eyes in BR2

Note: All of these palettes are well thought out. Sometimes the palettes are not – you might get 3 light shades and 1 dark for example. These Visee palettes are perfectly balanced with a light, medium, dark and sparkle shade. The green palette is to die for and I am keeping my eye on for it to come back in stock!
Verdict: I own many Visee palettes and they miss more than hit, but the Summer 2011 release palettes are beautiful, a must have! Keep an eye on for them – they are totally out of stock at the time of writing! I purchased these for review.
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  1. says

    These are beautiful! My folks are going to Hokkaido next week, so I’m gonna ask them to get the whole range for me. I read on a Taiwanese blog that these palettes are THE BEST that Visee has ever put out, I’m so glad that you feel the same too. I havent bought any Visee palettes before, so I’m pretty excited to try these out. Venturing out of neutral territory for the first time and I know I will like the blues!

  2. says

    These look great. Love the combinations of the orange/brown ones.
    Really a nice Visee palette, reminds me of the ones they had in ’06, they were pretty decent.

    Thanks for this nice review