Video: Illamasqua Smokey Cat Eye Look inspired by Kate Moss

Hallo Ladies!

Just a quickie to keep you all entertained. I adored Kate Moss’s look at the Met Gala – silver turban and everything! I printed out a picture of her and took it to my Illamasqua girl, where my lady Leena did a look for me. I should have got there with an hour to go but the cats – I blame the cats – held me up so there was only a paltry 20 mins to go before closing time (and you know they love to kick you out with 10 minutes to spare!).

*I forgot to say, the camera work is shaky as I was holding it up with my hand – for 20 minutes! Ouch!

Video Here too!

This was the result. It’s odd watching someone else apply make up to you, tis a skill!

Thanks Leena!

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  1. says

    this video is amazing,t here’s no hand shake and you shoot it all by yourself wow!
    I learn a lot with how to apply eyeliner in this one.. Lenna is soo skillful

    • Row says

      Hi Eve

      I had to hold the camera really really still :) She’s very good, is Leena!

  2. Leena says

    hi eve, thank u so much, o and its leena not lenna hahaha. write in if you need anymore tips i’ll be happy to help! xxx

  3. Blair says

    Pish! Your hands weren’t shaky at all, Row!!

    I must admit that I rather liked the Japanese song haha. Catchy and cute!

    Thanks for showing us this video!! The little blurb before each step was really really helpful. And I really enjoyed watching Leena performing her brand of magic on you!

  4. jess says

    Can you just pop by to Illamasqua and they will re create a look for you? I need to shake up my makeup! I always feel a bit scared of the counter and everyone has such dramatic make up I feel too much like a wall flower to go there

    • Row says

      Hi Jess

      Yes, just pop along and you can ask them to redo a look for you! I don’t know where you are based but sometimes it takes a while to find a MUA you really trust and bond with – when you find one, make them your artist! The counter is quite dramatic yes, but be specific. I think i may do a little post on this, I hope you find it useful :)

  5. louise says

    hi row me again, i love this great job!hope to see more. while im here i must say i love pics of the cats,they are all so cute are they all yours?i really want a kitten,a baby boy if poss i keep searching the web every day hoping to find one!
    luv lou x

    • Row says

      Hey Lou!

      They are all mine!!!! I can give you some tips where to look. Little boy kittens are nice, but naughty! little black boy cats are also known for being very loving and friendly. Have you tried some shelters? its the best place to get them although kittens go quickly so its good to be fast :)

  6. Leena says

    hi jess! yes I agree we look made up butwe are walking advertisments for o company so weve gotta show off the makeup, but dont be scared, were a team of skilled artists that are super friendly we want to teach people how to do makeup and tailor a look to fit in with your lifestyle.

    Everyone is welcome at our counter!!
    call 0161 6291187 to book your £10 redeemable appt at illamasqua 2day

    ooo and weve got our international artist Aga cming in this thurs fri n sat and you can book in with her for the same price and get champagne n chocs as well!! xxx

    • Row says

      Hey Leena

      Stop pimping on here!

      Seriously though – do not be alarmed by Illamasqua’s somewhat gothy appearance the girls are very nice indeed and they won’t do anything too scary if you don’t want it.

      Also Illama now have videos you can take home so you can recreate your look! x

  7. louise says

    hi Row, your cats are sooooooooooooo cute!!! i think its def got to be a boy, a cheeky loving little boy sounds like just what i need in my life and new home i think a pet completes a home. ill keep looking if you hear of any please let me know.
    sounds like you had a fun time away cant wait to read your review on the d&g make up i love the lipstick i keep seeing on all the adds.
    well im sorry you didnt make it to the selfridges event on 20th of may may be next time?
    keep the great reviews coming.
    glad to have you back huni
    lou x

    • Row says

      Hi Louise!

      I’ll let you know if I find a kitten. Sorry about the event I text you the day before but Leena mentioned it so I don’t think you got my message. I was in London and had to stay for an extra day, x