Video: Audrey Hepburn Look on YouTube

Love this video! Doing dramatic eyeliner is hard on Asian eyes as it is, this video makes it look quite easy. A few pointers –

1. The video is in Mandarin, I think. I don’t understand it either, but you don’t need to understand it, watch with your eyes!

2. I wish I knew what black powder/liner he used, its such a true, deep, gorgeous black.

3. Model could do with some threading, if you know what I mean.


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  1. tracy says

    hey, he used everything from Nars, i think Nars is sponsering or something, that artist’s been using stuff from Nars in his videos for a while now. : )

  2. says

    It looks like he’s using NARS Night Breed eye shadow- a black with silver glitter shadow. It really is a gorgeous black. The Nightlife Collection eye shadows are some of my absolute favorite from NARS.

  3. Ashley says

    OH MY MOUSTACHE! Why doesn’t she wax her upper lip or something?! That was NOT attractive… I literally touched my upper lip to check for fuzz LOL.
    I agree with the other two comments, he must be using Nars. Or atleast with the eyeshadow because the packaging just screamed Nars. I really liked how it all came out but hated how he tugged on her eyelids… & I think his Tweezers were knock-off Tweezerman’s (I could be blind).
    I never thought of overlapping false eyelashes… nifty tutorial :)

  4. MandyP says

    The title states ‘Audrey Hepburn’, but the results scream ‘Zhang Ziyi”! Don’t get me wrong: the model’s porn-stache is an interesting take on the whole Audrey Hepburn (or is it ‘Oddly Heartburn'; I can’t really tell, with that accent) look, but I’d much rather have seen a recreation of Anna Mae Wong, or any number of actresses who haven’t been emulated unto death.

  5. sue says

    I thought he was using Nars too from the eye shadow packaging. I totally love her lip colour! I wish they would list what products was used in the video :/